The Mighty Fortress Church Is Built On God’s Promise

Soul stirring messages, good gospel singing, souls are saved and brought to Christ through the dynamic preaching and teaching of Dr. Thomas R. Williams of The Mighty Fortress International Church. Located in Minneapolis, MN, Mighty Fortress International Ministries was founded by the Senior Pastor, Dr. Williams. There, the Word of God is forever present, and the congregation is taught about the plan that God has for their lives. The preaching and teaching of Dr. Williams informs all listeners of how their lives can be changed but obedience, and trust in the Word of the Creator. Visit to know more.

Dr. Williams renders powerful messages like the one titled, I’m Coming Out of what I’m In. this profound word had hands being raised in praise, and tears of joy flowing throughout the large congregation. People were surrendering themselves to Christ in massive numbers. Songs of praise were sung in reverence to God by the sensational choir that rejoiced in the spirit. The Pastor offers the Word of God to all in attendance, and assures them that only God can help them out of any undesirable situation. His prayers of comfort soothed aching hearts, and those who were distraught, sickly, or financially stressed. He tells of how God can give you the desires of your heart, but if you are not listening, it will not happen.


God speaks to everyone, but the key to salvation, and having what God promises is to hear when He speaks, and do what thus saith the Lord. The answer to problems could be right in your face, but if you are not in the Word of god, you will miss it every time. The devil is here in all aspects of life, and his job is to steal your faith. It takes strong determination, and even stronger faith to fight the devil. with the Word of God as your weapon, the fight will be much easier. The Mighty Fortress Church is built on the premises of Purpose, Promise, and Destiny. Being a part of the Body of Christ, Dr. Thomas Williams wants to bring every soul into the fold. Watch this video on Youtube.

OSI Group Features in America’s Top 100 Food Companies

The prestigious OSI Group has been recognized as one of the top 100 food companies that are found in the United States. The private company specializes in the production and packaging of food products, and its main offices are found in Aurora. At the moment, the OSI Group has managed to open sixty five offices in the international market. The company has offered employment opportunities to twenty thousand employees in many parts of the world. The company has been in the limelight because of its constant growth, innovations and great products that have won the hearts of the customers. People who have tasted the food products from the OSI Group have been left longing for more. The modern food processing plants and well equipped packaging facilities have played a significant role in the success the company has been getting.

The OSI Group was named among the best company because of various genuine reasons. First of all, the ingredients used to manufacture the food products from the organization are acquired from the best suppliers in the international market. The food vendors who need to work with the global firm must prove that they have set the best standards when it comes to handing the food products. The top quality ingredients have left the customers satisfied and longing for more products from the Aurora based company.

Food companies face so many challenges when they venture into the international market. There are numerous complicated regulations that have been laid down by the governments. The customer tastes are quite different too, and this means that the organization has to look for ways of satisfying the needs of the customers. The people working in the company have also been perfectly trained to handle any challenges that arise in the food production department. These people are offered some of the best working conditions so that they never get an opportunity to complain about the kind of products they are getting from the popular company. The OSI Group is very strict with its regulations too. The company always ensures that it does not find itself in the wrong side of the law so that it does not mess with its reputation. The company has done all things possible to acquire numerous food plants and processing equipment to cater to the increasing demands from the customers in the international community. These culture has played its part in the successful firm.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Propelling Forward As A Medical Practitioner And Business Owner

Dr. Mark McKenna is a highly accomplished medical doctor that has also taken the path of an entrepreneur. Combining his talent in medicine along with his entrepreneurial mind, Mark has started up several successful companies today, earning himself many accomplishments and of course plenty of success. Mark graduated from Tulane University Medical School at the top of his class before joining the family practice with his father.

During his time learning and practicing medicine with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that he wanted more than to just help people through the medical field, he wanted to be an innovator and bring his ideas to the masses. While Mark was working under his father, he started up his own real estate company known as McKenna Venture. Unfortunately for Mark, he and his family were majorly affected by hurricane Katrina in 2005, which saw Mark losing a great deal of his assets overnight. While this might have been a technical setback, it wasn’t really a setback in Mark’s case. Dr. Mark McKenna spent a great deal of time rebuilding the community and helping others in New Orleans before finally setting off to Atlanta, Georgia.

Today, Mark is the CEO and founder of OVME, a cosmetic company that offers non-surgical treatments to customers in their own homes. This is a tremendous idea considering the number of people who dislike having to go to doctors offices or who are just plain afraid of them. Mark already has offices in Nashville and Atlanta, and he plans to continue expanding his company all over the country. Customers of OVME will be able to use an app that allows them to connect with doctors to order treatments and get advice in a comfortable setting.

Dr. Mark McKenna approach to business and medicine is not so much unique as it is uncommon. Mark is passionate about helping his patients and customers. He wants to not only improve their confidence and self-esteem but give them a better outlook on the medical field through new and innovative possibilities.

Heal N Soothe: A Natural Solution to Pain and Inflammation

We all know at least one or two people who suffer from back pain. It is, without a doubt, a prevalent complaint caused by many different issues. Unfortunately, many sufferers try to treat their pain with medications that not only fail to relieve their pain but can also cause even worse symptoms and side-effects. As more and more traditional pain medication is needed, more damage can be caused, and no real healing takes place – it simply puts a mostly ineffective bandage on the problem.

Living Well Nutraceuticals recognized that sufferers of back pain needed not only a solution that better controlled their pain, but that aided in combating the inflammation that caused that pain. From their desire to provide people with that solution, Heal and Soothe was created. Their all-natural blend of fruit, herb and tree extracts provides healing properties that both give your body the nutritional components it needs to heal damaged soft tissue and naturally curtail pain and discomfort. Gone is the need for prescription and over-the-counter pain medications that can cause adverse side effects and damage to the liver, kidneys, and other organs and processes: Heal N Soothe provides a natural alternative that will both make you feel better and that you can feel good about.

Heal N Soothe achieves its effectiveness by combining the most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients in nature, such as rutin and Boswellia extract. This unique proprietary enzyme blend, developed over seven years of research, delivers relief with the highest potency. Pain relief is delivered by some of nature’s most effective and efficient soothing agents such as nutritional powerhouses turmeric and ginger.

Many back pain sufferers take medication they have very little real knowledge of. In contrast to pharmaceutical companies, Heal-n-Soothe makes sure that customers have access to nutritional information about the contents of the formula. Ginger and turmeric are recognizable ingredients with many uses, but many lesser-known ingredients to the proprietary formula are just as important, such as bromelain, found in pineapples; Devil’s Claw, and African fruit known for thousands of years as a reducer of pain and inflammation; and Papain, a proteolytic enzyme that comes from papayas and works well with other enzymes to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

Right now, Heal N Soothe is available on its website,, and is $59.95 for one bottle or $49.95/bottle (and a first bottle FREE) with Repeat Delivery.

Jeff Herman – A Fighter for Justice

Jeff Herman found Herman Law 25 years ago in Boca Rotan, Florida, and the goal of the firm is “to provide justice for survivors of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman and his group of attorneys have won successful lawsuits against daycare programs, schools (including college campuses), the military, psychiatric treatment centers, camps, and hospitals. Jeff who is the “voice for victims” works with a team of compassionate attorneys and an in-house Special Investigative Unit (SIU) to implement strategies and to collect and preserve evidence.
The SIU at Herman Law comprised of former law enforcement officers, detectives, and military Special Forces, together have 50 years of investigative experience. The Herman Law team works tirelessly to provide justice for survivors of sexual abuse and to assist survivors in healing. In cooperation with the National Crime Victim Bar Association, Jeff works with professionals on how best to communicate with victims, especially in the area of forensic interviews. By working in the community with other professionals, Jeff contributes time and expertise to increase community awareness and to remove the shroud of secrecy that surrounds sexual predation.

Herman Law stays abreast of statutes of limitation, federal and state law, and damage caps to provide the best possible case for clients. Jeff and his attorneys represent clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, working collaboratively with attorneys in other jurisdictions. Recently, a bill introduced in New York has caught Jeff’s attention.

The New York State Senate has introduced a bill, S.809. Named the Child Victims Act, this bill would substantially extend the statute of limitations for survivors to bring criminal and civil charges against predators. The bill just received a much-needed boost and national attention with two celebrities joining their cause. Actor Corey Feldman and U.S. Volleyball Teammate, Sarah Powers-Barnhard have joined the fight to pass the Child Victims Act.

Jeff and Herman Law have litigated about 1,000 cases, and even though monetary settlements for clients is not the focus of the litigation, Jeff has been successful in receiving cash settlements for his clients. In the seven most recent cases, Jeff has received more than $25 million for his clients.

Wes Edens Backs Plan to Keep Raiders in Oakland

Successful businessman Wes Edens financially backs plan to keep the Oakland Raiders in the city of Oakland and establish the necessary funding and resources from Fortress Investment Group to allow a new stadium to be built in Oakland and solidify the deal to remain in the city. Wes Edens is currently Private Equity Chief Investment Officer and President and Head of Private Equity at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and also received a Business Administration Degree as well. After a successful career at various high-level investment positions within multiple investment firms and other lending institutions, Wes Edens has established a reputation as a true businessman and intelligent investor. In fact, Wes Edens specializes in alternative assets at Fortress Investment Group including Illiquid credit Investments, distressed assets, and also undervalued assets and various other asset classes as well.

With a strong knowledgeable well-informed staff at Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has surrounded himself with some of the more brilliant minds in the investment and credit industry. The staff at Fortress Investment Group provides high-level analysis and evaluation opportunities that create lucrative income streams and profitable returns on investment from various investment categories. Furthermore, Fortress Investment Group is a global conglomerate with over 1,600 institutional and individual clients that comprise of a vast portfolio of over $67.5 billion in assets under management. Currently, Wes Edens is co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and has become has become one of the more recognized owners within the sports industries and a go-to person for establishing credit and resources to finance various construction projects for stadiums and other sports complex. In particular, Wes Edens was brought into the conversation to bring about a resolution to the Oakland Raiders potential move to Las Vegas.

Wes and Fortress provided the necessary resources and investment capital to allow the Oakland Raiders to propose a way to actually remain in Oakland. Wes Edens has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and insightful investment managers that can facilitate the level of expertise needed to accomplish the difficult negotiations within the sports arenas. Furthermore, Wes Edens brings years of experience with creating opportunities to pull together investment capital and resources along with institutional credit vehicles that allow his partners to create opportunities for successful sports ventures. As a knowledgeable businessman and skillful investor, Wes Edens has created an opportunity for the Oakland Raiders to not only build a new stadium within Oakland but also provide the resources needed to create a stadium sports complex that’s second to none within the league.

Dr. Clay Siegall is Creating A Brighter Tommorrow for Cancer Patients

The absolute importance of Dr. Clay Siegall in cancer research can’t be put into words. The importance can’t even be questioned. This man has years and years of experience, especially when dealing with the topic of cancer. Organizations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Society have all worked with Dr. Siegall throughout the years. One of his very first jobs was for being a senior researcher at Bristol Myers Squibb, but as of today, he is the captain of a humungous ship that’s known as Seattle Genetics. The Bothell, Washington-based company has a specialty for producing and for commercializing top-rated antibodies. These antibodies are very advanced in their course of actions, and they’re known as targeted-cancer therapies.

Seattle Genetics has risen onto the scene in flying colors. Though it struggled a bit in the first few years, it is now a game-changer for cancer patients worldwide. The company has copious amounts of drugs in its infamous pipeline, and it is constantly spending millions of dollars on perfecting the drugs to efficiently fight cancer. Yes, that was a mouthful to say, but it’s the truth. Seattle Genetics is aspiring to graduate from being just a drug developer. The company is aspiring to reach the absolute highest position by becoming a pharmaceutical-giant that holds all of its rights. Dr. Siegall has spent a considerable amount of time studying this process, and he has taken steps to personify this dream.

This company has a net worth of $10 billion. Its progress comes from multiple pathways, which includes drug development, the selling of its proprietary drugs, production partnerships and the licensing of its technologies. Dr. Siegall has implemented many of Genentech’s business moves as he has thoroughly studied the founder of this mega-giant company. All in all, the mortality rate is decreasing and Dr. Clay Siegall plays a huge role in this progressive transitioning.

Talkspace for Better Therapy at Home

Never before has there been a better option for therapy than right now. Talkspace was designed for ordinary people who just don’t have the time or money to go see a typical therapist. This makes it easy for you to get the therapy that is recommended to you without the cost and inconvenience. Plus, Talkspace is super easy to use, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get the hang of using it. You can just visit the Talkspace on your mobile play store and download it to get started on your adventure of receiving the help that you need.

If you are interested in Talkspace and what it can do for you, the first step is to download it and create an account. You will then be matched with a therapist who is specific to the types of problems you have. You will be asked to answer a variety of different questions when downloading the Talkspace so that they can get a better feel for the type of help that you are going to need at the moment. You can also switch therapists within Talkspace if you are unhappy with who is talking to you at any given moment.

By receiving this type of help and knowing that you’re getting assistance for a very touchy topic, it will make you feel good knowing you’re finally doing something for yourself that is beneficial and will be advantageous for your future. Talkspace has been designed to be used by people of all ages, so it’s great for teens and adults who need a therapist they can trust. You will also find Talkspace to be far less money than a normal therapist session, so you’ll save money in the process of downloading and using Talkspace for your own therapeutic needs and requirements.

Randal Nardone is a Revered Leader in Private Equity Investment

Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading private equity firms in America. Like any other organization that requires the input of great leaders, Fortress Investment Group relies on its leaders to excel. That is why when the company experienced sudden leadership transitions, it was critical to appoint Randal Nardone, the co-founder to serve as the head cheerleader. Nardone is a household name in the industry of private equity. Here is a look at his past experiences.

Background Data

In 1998, when Fortress Investment Group was being established, Mr. Nardone assumed the lead position as the chief executive officer. Also serving as the principal of the firm’s credit corporation, Nardone honed his skills in business leadership. Aside from that, he is the president of Springleaf Financial Holdings and the vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings. Also doubling as the co-founder of the famous Fortress Investment Fund, Nardone has exuded confidence through his leadership skills.

Other Roles

Besides, Nardone served as the head of RIC Coinvestment Fund LP before he joined IMPAC Commercial Holdings Inc. Nardone was passionate about helping clients. His experience in excellent service delivery extends to Florida East Coast Holdings Corp and Alea Group Holdings Ltd. As if he had not faced sufficient challenges to discourage him from exploring other industries, Nardone worked for Eurocastle Investment as well. Later on, he decided to join OneMain Holdings Inc in 2010.


Mr. Nardone has been working hard on all the stated companies. That is why the employees have been happy to work at Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, given his history in the management of private equity, he has extensively guided the company by providing relevant leadership skills.

Additional Information

Nardone is a revered leader whose input at Fortress Investment Group cannot go unnoticed especially now that Softbank finalized its acquisition deal. According to Nardone, leadership in investment entails teamwork. So far, he has been able to dedicate time, resources, workforce and skills to ensure that Fortress Investment Group delivers excellent results to its investors.


A look at Nardone’s academic credentials points towards Boston University Law School where he studied arts in English and later biology from Connecticut University. From these disciplines, he learned how to communicate with employees.


Being a firm that specializes in investment management, Softbank requires excellent leadership for proper management. Often, Nardone has proven to be qualified and available for the tasks ahead. That is why he is celebrated.

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Mighty Fortress Church Presents a Great Easter Sunday Service

One of the great moments for Christians to celebrate the risen King is just around the corner, Easter season. This is the reason why Mighty Fortress Church is inviting every individual to be part of their Easter Sunday Service that will commence at 11 a.m. on April 1. The family-friendly Resurrection Sunday service will be held at the renowned Mighty Fortress International Ministries, and there will be various festivities after that. The program will include great performances by the Children’s Ministry, the Bishop’s Choir and follow with the preaching of God’s word. Interesting to note, adults will be provided with refreshments during the celebration especially before and after the worship sessions. Young ones between the ages of three and 12 will engage in an Easter egg hunt session after the service where the winners will be awarded prizes. Visit to know more.

If you are looking for a church where you will call home, Mighty Fortress Church International Ministries is the place for you! This is because the church is encompassed with an atmosphere that is welcoming, loving, forgiving, worshipful, and sensitive to people’s needs. A moment at the church will have you experiencing God’s great, never-ending, and overwhelming love. You will also be endowed with God’s word and presence that will come handy in enriching your life. The church upholds the come-as-you-are atmosphere which is geared towards ensuring that every individual feels at home away from home. For more information regarding Mighty Fortress International Ministries Easter Sunday service, go here.


Mighty Fortress International Ministries is geared to the ideologies of building and creating a platform where many individuals get to know about God and the impact of His presence in their lives. The church hopes to build a church in the northern parts of Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. The church also strives to ensure that they practice the principles taught by Christ to help one lead a victorious and purposeful life. If you are a believer and looking for a worship center that will provide you with a growing atmosphere to grow your faith in Christ, Mighty Fortress International Ministries is where you belong! This is because the teachings provided ensure that your destiny, purpose in life, and promises come into manifestation.

Mighty Fortress International Ministries is located at the heart of Minneapolis. You can connect with the church via Facebook where you can follow their service. Also, you can contact them on 763-535-9096 where you will be directed and provided with more information. Watch this video on Youtube.