The outstanding New York City attorney: Ross Abelow

To be an attorney in New York City requires one to be disciplined and dedicated to their line of duty. Therefore, before hiring an attorney to represent you in court ensure they have a commendable reputation.

Winning several cases is not the only description that makes a great attorney as their community participation abilities, it too plays a part. One New York based attorney Ross Abelow demonstrates both aspects too well. He practices his career focusing on the entertainment and divorce law business with a personal touch of excellence.

Besides matters of the court, Ross Abelow is a philanthropist. Earlier this year, he launched a Go Fund Me campaign which was aimed at providing the necessary resources to shelters that care for homeless animals in New York City by raising $5000. He was chosen to lead the Go Fund Me campaign to raise money that will later be distributed to different animal shelters in New York to assist in paying for medical care, vaccines, blankets, and food for the increasing number of distressed animals particularly during winter.

In his legal duty, Abelow is a partner at the Abelow & Cassandro LLP law firm in New York and his expertise is based mainly in: entertainment law, family law, and commercial litigation. He is respected throughout the city as he has represented the best entertainers in the business through successful court cases and has been the voice of reason to several couples undergoing divorce. His success could be attributed to his flexibility in various law areas and perhaps his light touch; which eases up negotiation processes.

Writing is a passion for this talented lawyer; he actively writes posts on his personal blog and also contributes to a number of other legal blogs. Ross Abelow has active social media accounts on sites such as Facebook and Mashable. He regularly interacts with his audience and often lends a helping hand to people facing devastating legal issues. Most lawyers believe in specializing in only one area but as for Abelow, being an all round attorney has proved to be more productive not only for him but also for his clients who have benefited immensely from his professional services. Facing a legal battle? Worry no more, Abelow got you covered.

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