New Zealand According to Geoff Cone

New Zealand is a country that has drawn many people in the past few years. It has recently been one of the hottest destinations for people who are looking to move to a different country and the good reasons behind it are nearly endless for the people who want to make a major move. Learn more:

One of the reasons people move to New Zealand is because they think that they are going to get a huge tax break because it was previously reported that the country was a tax haven. It is not a tax haven, though, and people are sometimes disappointed with what is going on in the country once they get there and they realize that they are not going to get the great tax breaks that they once thought they were getting. There are many countries that are tax havens, but New Zealand is not one of the countries that has ever been on the list.

People who live in New Zealand may be disappointed that they are not getting great tax breaks, but they will probably be pleased with the transparency of the taxes in the country. It is really a model for transparency when it comes to taxes and this is something that allows people to know what they are really getting for their money that they pay out of the money that they have already made. There are many ways that the country uses the taxes and they make sure that they always tell their citizens, as well as other countries, about.

It is Geoff Cone’s business to make sure that people know about New Zealand. That is his home country and he knows a lot about both living there and the policies that the country has. He wants people to be aware of what goes on in New Zealand and what the tax situation is really like. He also wants people to know that it is definitely not a tax-free country but that there are many different tax-free countries that the people who are moving can move to when they are planning on making a move.

Geoffrey Cone is one-half of a global law firm. He makes a lot of decisions for the firm and helps people who are planning on moving to different areas with the decisions that they need to make. Since he is a global attorney, he is able to help nearly anyone who needs his help when it comes to making a move. He is confident about the services that he provides and knows a lot about taxes in different countries. He has helped to develop the tax haven list of countries for people who want to make the move to a tax-free destination.

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How You Can Take Charge Of Your Brand’s Online Reputation Management

As Socrates once quoted, the best way to earn a positive reputation is to decide to be what you want to be. In this regard, the path to achieving proper reputation management is closing the gap between your business and the perceptions people have of it. If this is to be applied in the digital marketing setting, the expression, clarity and consistency of the campaign will either work in favor of the business or lower its reputation.

Factors that affect the reputation of a brand

As a CMS WiRE article explains, the factors highlighted below are more likely to affect the reputation of a brand.

  1. Clear purpose definition

Stakeholders are less likely to believe the message the brand is passing if there is not a definite brand narrative and purpose. This process begins internally and goes all the way to include your employees, who are taken as ambassadors. They should be articulate as regards to the vision of the company and if the narrative of the brand or company is lost in them there is likely to be a crisis that may reveal the weaknesses of the brand.

  1. Global reach

Although the online world is global, the effect of the message shared by a brand may have regional interpretation. The organization’s narrative should resonate with local audiences while maintaining consistency with the outer world.

  1. Crisis communication

During crises most businesses go into panic mode and this could send a stark message to the audience. This is the best time for the brand to show itself well and reveal even more. How a crisis is handled determines future outcomes and affects the perception of the business among potential customers.

  1. Monitor and improve

The reputation of a brand is earned based on the events that happened in the past and what happens in current setting. Mistakes are often part of the engagements the brand makes and these are just opportunities as they allow for change and improvement. Therefore, it is vital to keep monitoring brand sentiment and feedback so you can analyze the movement of the reputation of the business.

Atlanta Hawks Owner Sues Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson, (see, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, is now filing a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. This lawsuit is regarding a breach of contract regarding the settlement due to the claims that had been made from a past general manager Danny Ferry. This lawsuit is not affecting any of the currents board of Directors of the Hawks ownership or owner Tony Ressler. This civil action has been put in place for a breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The previous ownership of the Atlanta Hawks claims but their insurance policy covered losses related to wrongful termination. Levenson other board of director members notified their insurance company in the spring of 2015 that they believed they were covered for such losses.
When asked by ESPN, a spokesperson for the current ownership of the Atlanta Hawks stated that they were very aware of the ongoing issue. However, they were not willing to make any further statements as has their ownership has no ties to past ownership. This current lawsuit is not only looking for the unpaid losses to be repaid but is also looking for a 50% additional penalty of the unpaid loss and all attorney fees to be covered.

Susan McGalla Just Wants People To Work Hard, Not Get Caught Up In Stereotypes

Susan McGalla is a successful executive who hasn’t let anything deter her from her dreams. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting in Pittsburgh, a Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and the former president of American Eagle. Susan McGalla advises other startup companies and large corporations in both the retail and financial industries, is on the boards of charitable organizations like the Magee-Women’s Hospital’s Research Institute, and is on the Board of Advisors at her alma mater Mount Union College. She has spoken at universities and gatherings for young women where she has encouraged them to pursue their dreams in the field that they want.

The way Susan McGalla encourages these young women is by giving them a different perspective than what they may have heard from their peers or the mainstream media. For her, achieving her career goals was not about “breaking the glass ceiling” that is sometimes referred to in stereotyping women’s roles in the workplace. Instead, McGalla believes in working hard like her parents taught her at a young age, and applying that work ethic at every job she does. She has never expected anything to be handed freely to her because of her gender, and is against any sort of entitlements for women.

Susan McGalla grew up in a small town in East Liverpool, OH and was taught from a young age that life would be difficult and she’d have to work for her dreams on She attributes much of her success in life to the principles her parents taught her and holds them up as shiny examples to be revered. She got her bachelor’s from Mount Union College and got a corporate position at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. After 8 years there, she became a Chief Merchandising Officer with American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, the company with which she would ascend to her executive career on McGalla had her obstacles throughout her 15 years there, but her hard work and ideas paid off as she helped the company reshape their brand, and attract a lot more customers through new fashion designs after becoming president of the entire brand. In 2009, McGalla joined the board at HFF, and not long after formed P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.