Squaw Valley Statement On Upper Mountain Water Quality

It had been reported that there had been a discovery of the presence of coliform bacteria and E. coli in the supply of drinking water for the upper mountain region of Squaw Valley on cbs.com. A report was made to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health concerning this possible health risk back on November 8th.

The good news is that the water has undergone treatment on a consistent basis and thus there seem to be real indications that the situation is improving. Presently, concerning three of the four wells that are utilized for the supply of water to the upper mountain area of Squaw Valley, they are indicating that the levels of coliform are much lower and that there is no E.coli present at all, according to a statement made to the Sierra Sun on Tuesday from the director of Placer County Environmental Health, Wesley Hicks.

Squaw Valley Resort is the popular ski resort is still permitting skiing from top to bottom in a safe monitored fashion. But do note that every precaution to promote health safety has been certainly implemented, since all restaurants at the upper mountain region are still closed.

Also, all skiers are not permitted to consume any drinking water until there is sufficient evidence that the water issues have been fully cleared and the water is deemed as safe for human consumption. Everyone is utterly relieved that there have been about the occurrence of any health issues.

Liesl Kenney, who serves as the public relations director on behalf of Valley Alpine Meadows, went on to provide a generous statement that was granted to the Sun on Wednesday evening of November 30th. Liesel Kenney publicly announced that customer safety is of utmost importance to the resort.

Each issue that is reported to the resort is considered to be very serious and is granted the proper attention as required. As attempts are being made to resolve the water issues at Squaw Valley, all guests visiting Gold Coast and High Camp will be provided with regular and complete access to the usage of the facilities, which also includes the provision of free bottled water. When the experts conclude that the water issues at the resort have been fully resolved and that the water is safe for human consumption once again, the resort will pass that information on to visitors.

There was a dramatic, heavy rain storm which was not typical for the area, which occurred in October. This truly affected many water systems located in the region of Placer County. This situation even went on to create problems for an upgraded water system that had been put in place at Gold Coast and High Camp during the summer season. Thus the water system unfortunately became contaminated.

Fortunately, the problem was contained to only that one system, which means that the other water systems were not damaged. Contaminated water never reached the public. The resort did the right thing by reporting the issue after some routine testing to Placer County Environmental Health, along with the Squaw Valley Public District.

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