Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, an Asset to the Broadcasting World

Grupo Televisa is among the leading media companies in Spanish speaking regions. Their content is usually distributed in the United States and Mexico. The content reaches different countries through cable operators, different television networks and other services. The market interested in this content is quite huge. Luckily, there are great leaders who are aware of how to cater to the needs of the market such as Porfirio Sanchez Galindo. Under his leadership the company has experienced great success. As long as he is around, there is so much more that can be accomplished.

Porfirio Sanchez has over twenty years’ experience in the broadcasting industry. He studied at Stanford University and received a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. Before joining Televisa, he started out as the advisor to Francisco Gil Diaz who was the finance secretary of the company at the time. Sanchez had received a job offer at the World Bank and was considering it. However, he received a call that changed the course that he was about to take. Alfonso de Angoitia, the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa asked Mr. Sanchez to join his team as it would be a great career move. He agreed and has since moved up the corporate ladder of the years. He currently works as the director general of economic analysis and special projects. He is in charge of making decisions that deal with marketing and telecommunications.

The different roles he has served over the years have made him an asset to his employers. As a former career diplomat he is aware of how things in the economic environment are run. He had no former experience as a diplomat but was able to handle the tasks given to him like a pro. He is also knowledgeable of the effect that government policies have on the corporate world due to his position as a financial advisor. Mr. Sanchez is working with other departments in the company so that as a whole they can reach greater heights. One of the projects being looked into is the YOO project. It is a marketing strategy aimed at providing clients with television, internet and telephone services at a given price.

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