Use AI To Ensure Great Customer Experince

When it comes to online stores, you need to make sure that your website really has the edge over its competitors online. Because of the low entry barriers for setting up an online store on the internet, you really need to have something that sets yourself apart from the competitors. This can be great customer service, a wide range of products, or great policies such as free shipping or free returns. These things can really help your website become popular and grow, but it is not guaranteed because it seems that everyone is doing these things as they become the industry standard. One thing that you can do to really set your website apart is adding on AI to your website to ensure that your customers receive a great experience in your online store.

Ai can do many things to our online stores such as optimizing the look of it, making sure that the customers see products they want to see, and much more. One great thing AI can do is actually recommended products at your customers. When a customer buys something on your online store, the AI knows the price, color, style, and other factors of the product. Then when the customer returns the AI will recommend similar products to that customer. This can really help you gain more sales in the long run as the AI promotes your products for you to customers that are already buying. Another great thing that AI can do is to respond to customer emails. This can be a big time saver because it can allow you to focus on the business and not on email. AI can respond questions and comments that customers make. These things can really give your business a boost.

On the internet, your stores need an advantage over its competitors to make a profit. This can be very hard because everyone is trying to gain that edge by adding great policies and great products to their stores. A great way to separate yourself from the pack is to add AI to your store to manage much of it for you. AI can do many things such as suggest products to your customers and respond to emails from your customers asking questions or making comments about your store that you can use to make your store better. Adding AI to your online store will save you a lot of time and can add new sales.

Jeff Yastine Speaks About Beer Brewers And Their Drift To Pot

Jeff Yastine serves as an editor to the Total Wealth Insider. He bacame a senior director at Banyan Hill in 2015. Jeff brought with him more than 20 years of expertise in working as a financial and stock market investor and journalist in the financial world.

In these platforms, he helps investors to be able to know business, financial and economic styles. Yastine also highlights the income generating chances conveyed by other financial editors.

Jeff is an anchor nominated in Emmy and also a writer at PBS Nightly Business Report where he has served from the year 1994 to 2010. His journalism has aided in identifying fruitful investment chances in small-cap growing stocks and big corporation reversals.

Amongst his great works include his reporting which aided in warning stockholders concerning the real estate disaster of the middle of the year 2000 and the unmaintainable growth of the bubble of 2000 dot com. Jeff Yastine was also the one who reported on major countrywide occurrences like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, 2005 Hurricane Katrina’s financial impacts, the effect of foreign automakers and the 1999 notable bestowal of the Panama Canal.

The Drift
Several beer companies are drifting into the pot business for monetary needs and desires. Constellation Brands Inc. was the first to take this step last month. The manufacturer of Corona Beer marked the first of the group to drift into the rich marijuana sector according to It did this by paying a projected $191 million for its 10% possession post in the Canadian medical marijuana company known as Canopy Growth Corp.

Closely to this move, Molson Coors Brewing Co. gestured to forecasters that it was also receiving the desire for prospective pot ventures. Former beer marketing chief, Chris Burggraeve who is currently a chief marijuana investor disclosed to Bloomberg that pot in the present time is where the entire craft beer occurrence was in the 1990s, prior to its explosion in popularity.

Beer manufacturers are under stress from investors to act appropriately. Either way, beer corporations seem enthusiastic in joining the pot industry, they are getting ready for a time when pot would be lawful at the federal level.

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U.S. Money Reserve And What It Did For Hurricane Harvey’s Victim

Hurricane season doesn’t always wreak havoc, though the same can’t be said for 2017. Hurricane Harvey wrecked parts of Southeast Texas from August 24th to September 1st of this year. Unfortunately, at its worst, more than one-third of the entirety of Houston, Texas, was submerged underwater brought by Hurricane Harvey.


Thanks to U.S. Money Reserve, the people of Houston, Texas, benefited from a whopping $219,622 raised by the firm.


The Austin Disaster Relief Network helped U.S. Money Reserve save up enough money to help the needy of Houston through a fundraising website known as YouCaring, helping business entities, organizations, and individuals get enough funding for good causes.


U.S. Money Reserve pledged to match every dollar donated, up to $100,000, that was donated through YouCaring. U.S. Money Reserve matched donations beyond the $100,000 mark in good faith.


U.S. Money Reserve has three locations – Beaumont, Houston, and Austin – the second of which was harmed by Harvey, just like most other places in the Lone Star State. Learn more:


Hurricane Harvey was one of the strongest hurricanes experienced in America in some years, reaching the level of Category 4, the second-most dangerous type of hurricane possible. The deadly hurricane hit Texas on three different occasions over the course of six days. Over two feet of rain struck the ground and accumulated in the first day of Hurricane Harvey’s hitting mainland.


More than 39,000 people had to leave their homes and places of residence, because staying could have resulted in death, going missing, or experiencing bodily harm.


U.S. Money Reserve was made a company in 2001, and has since evolved into three locations across the state of Texas. Not only does the firm distribute platinum, silver, gold, and other types of precious metals – most of which are sold in the form of bullion – U.S. Money Reserve also engages in its fair share of research to contribute to the world of finance.


Consumers have chosen U.S. Money Reserve as one of the most popular vendors of precious metals issued by the United States and foreign governments, as the company is unique in allowing buyers to house their own gold.



Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a very amazing woman who has a lot of skills and experience in the tech industry. She is a recognized figure in sector and has been respected because of her great influence she has. Whitney Wolfe is a very big name in the dating industry and anybody who has ever used these apps have heard about her. She happens to be a co-founder of the most popular dating app in the world known as Tinder. She was involved in the designing of the app and was given the chance to suggest the best name that suits the company. The name Tinder was her suggestion and was able to sell a lot. She was also the company’s sales manager and was able to gather all the University students in the world to sign up. The company was able to attract a lot of influence but left after she got her share of the company back.

Whitney after leaving Tinder and getting $1 million compensation as a share capital. She was approached by the famous Badoo founder Andrey and they formed a great partnership in the industry. They developed another great dating app known as the Bumble. That became the beginning of another journey in the industry whereby she worked with lots of commitment and hard work just to ensure that they make the company a success. She has been able to develop a very important vertical known as BumbleBFF that helps people get new friends. She has been able to prove to the world that despite the challenges that one have faced before doesn’t mean that she cannot achieve.

Whitney Wolfe Early Life

The great tech expert was born in the famous Salt Lake City which is located in Utah and she also grew up there. She was born and raised up by a famous father who happened to be a great developer. Her mother was a housewife who has dedicated her time to her children and she was always there for Whitney Wolfe. That means that she had a very happy childhood because of the fact that her mother used to stay with her at home. After completing her high school, she decided to further her studies at the famous Southern Methodist University and she majored in international studies. She started her first business while she was still at schools. She used to sell Bamboo tote bags to people who had been affected by BP oil spill.

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Securus Technologies’ Facility Clients Comment on Using Technology to Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions intended towards solving the corrections and investigation problems the prison officials face during their normal work in the prison setups. For you to achieve the level of excellence achieved by the prison officials, you need a new way of communicating with the normal parameters to foster safety in the setup. This can only be achieved by the solutions provided by Securus Technologies in the industry. This is the only explanation valid to explain why all inmate facilities are seeking the services provided by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of technical solutions to foster the correctional revolution in the industry.


Securus Technologies has over three decades of experience solving the problems their clients face in the inmate industry. For this reason, they are in the best position to understand the inmate experience as much as the inmate officials do. For this reason, they have developed some capacitated technical solutions that have ranked the company high in the industry. Moreover, Securus Technologies received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas. According to this forum, Securus Technologies was accredited for their truth and high-end corporation performance to achieve the unparalleled sector achievements.


Securus Technologies announced that they would receive feedback from their clients regarding the services they receive from Securus Technologies. While this is true, we might consider forming a new solution that is geared towards elevating the services Securus Technologies provides because of the massive positive reviews emanating from all correctional facilities in the form of letters and emails. Securus Technologies is also proud to announce that they are looking forward to achieving the most sophisticated accreditation procedure in the industry. The officials who responded to the call were tasked with using the technology solutions to work in the inmate industry.