The Man With The Plan James Dondero

Many people come and go in the investment world but not too many people leave behind a legacy. James Dondero lives his life, every day, to leave a legacy behind. James Dondero began his career as an analyst 1984 when he got accepted into the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. Later on that year, James went on to earn a dual-major in accounting and finance. He, later on, picked up certifications in Management Accounting and Chartered Financing Analytics. Read more about James Dondero on


James Dondero has been apart of some really great companies, and he has a tremendous track record of success. In 1985, James joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analysis. While at American Express, James was able to help the company raise $1 billion dollars in fixed income funds. In 1989, James moved on from American Express and joined Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary when he was a Chief Investment Officer. He helped the company grow $2 billion dollars. Visit his website at

In 1993, James and a partner of his, Mark Okada, founded Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is considered to be one of the best investment firms in the country. It has also been ranked as one of the best places to work in the country. Even though James has received a high level of success throughout his life, he doesn’t let that success stop him from being very charitable. James is known for being one of the top philanthropists in the Dallas, Texas area. He and his company are the main contributors to a variety of organizations. Some of those organizations include the Dallas Zoo, The Family Place, Education is Freedom and SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. James has gone on the record and stated that when Highland is successful, Dallas is successful. Every day, James and his company are finding new innovative ways to make investing easier and more efficient.


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