At Rocketship Education, Parents Never Have to Afraid of Being Left In the Dark

Rocketship Education stands out in a number of ways, but one of those ways is how they involve parents in the education process. One of the goals of Rocketship Education has been to include parents in every step of the way, and they are doing that in many ways. For example, they let the parents interview the teachers before the teachers are chosen, which is not done by anyone else.

Rocketship Education is also known for their blended learning experience. They blend the latest technology with the oldest and most proven teaching methods to provide their students with the best education possible.

There are many ways parents do interviews, but it is something that happens at every campus that Rocketship Education has. Sometimes, they will train the parents so that six or fewer parents can do panel meetings with potential candidates for teaching jobs at Rocketship Education. Other times, they will have community meetings where parents can meet teachers, get to know them, and ask them questions.

Preston Smith, who heads Rocketship Education, says that he can not remember a time when the input of the parents did not matter. In fact, he says, he recalls a time when a teacher simply left in the middle of a meeting. He asked her why she is going, and she said that she could not take the job because she was not ready for the level of intensity with parents that is required at Rocketship Education. Thus, the meetings also make sure that the teachers know what is expected of them in regards to being engaged with parents.

Jermaine Carter, who has a child at Rocketship Education, said that it is great to be able to get a feel for the people who your child will be with and get to know them. This type of involvement is rare. However, it has been done before in select schools and districts, and it has always led to great benefits. Rocketship Education involves parents in later steps as well.

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