Barbara Stokes and Her Passion For Helping Others and Spending Time With Family

There’s probably not many entrepreneurs today that are as dedicated to both their career and family life as Barbara Stokes, the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. This is not surprising to know, because achieving the right balance between personal life and a career that would eat up a lot of the free time that’s dedicated for personal affairs is something that few can pull off. Fortunately, Barbara Stokes has achieved such balance, as we can analyze from the interview that she did for Ideamensch. Follow Barbara Stokes on


The Humanitarian Woman


The passion for Barbara Stokes to serve and find purpose in helping the people around her prosper doesn’t just stop in her company and personal life. She also makes sure that the people who need humanitarian relief can get the assistance that they deserve. Being the CEO of Green Structure Homes in Alabama is one effective way that she can render such help for others, as the company she’s running is responsible for constructing both modular and pre-fab homes for those affected by terrible disasters. This project of hers would probably not be successful if she didn’t involve her husband with her. She is also able to build houses for school campuses and bullet-resistant shacks for military projects with her company, mainly because she also has created a secure network with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make her projects happen.



Barbara Stokes on Twitter


Other than building affordable and functional homes for those who need relief, Barbara Stokes is also actively involved in social media. In fact, in her Twitter profile, we can see that she’s passionate in sharing not just details of her family life, but also details of how the field workers in her company are working day and night and in the deep cold snow, so that they can deliver the needed work. It is also through social media that she is gaining the support for her campaign in making sure that the people affected by Hurricane Harvey cannot miss all the relief opportunities that they can get both from the government and the private sector. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Getting to Know Susan McGalla


Susan McGalla was born on May 31, 1964 in East Liverpool Ohio. During her childhood she was raised by her mother and father alongside two brothers. As Susan was growing up, her father continued coaching the football program at a local school. Subsequent to graduating high school, Susan McGalla began her studies in business and marketing at Mount Union College, which is located in Alliance, Ohio. Currently, she serves on the Board of Advisors for her alma mater, after many years of working with corporations.


After graduating from Mount Union College, Susan McGalla landed a position at Joseph Horne Company, where she worked in several positions for eight years. In 1994, Susan began to work for American Eagle Outfitters, where she also worked in several different positions. It is with American Eagle Outfitters that Susan solidified her name and image, because she later became the president of the company in addition to the chief merchandising officer (CMO). Susan worked in these high-authority positions until 2009 when she became a private consultant and was appointed to the board of directors of HFF Inc. Later in 2009 she began work with Wet Seal Inc, where she served several roles that would lead to her beginning P3 Executive Consulting in 2012. Susan McGalla now does work for the Pittsburg Steelers.


Susan McGalla’s childhood plays a crucial role in her views on life and leadership. With her dad being the coach of a football team, Susan was raised to work hard despite her gender. Her upbringing allowed for her to be equally comfortable with members of both genders and to be confident with her decision making. Her work with American Eagle Outfitters, where the workforce was mostly comprised of male employees, fortified her character and enforced that she needed to work hard in order to succeed. Susan served several positions as a leader at American Eagle Outfitter prior to being appointed as the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO). Over the years, Susan McGalla has gone on to serve many additional leadership roles and encourages other women to work hard to be in that position.

PSI Pay: A Provider of Innovative Business Solutions

PSI Pay is a privately owned company located in the United Kingdom which was founded in 2007. Alternative banking is provided by PSI Pay which helps businesses manage their finances. Individuals who are highly skilled in alternative payments and banking are employed by the organization. PSI Pay is an issuer of debit cards, prepaid cards. Moreover, the company has issued electronic payment products in 44 currencies and 173 countries. The company was named a MasterCard Principle since 2009.

The Managing Director of PSI Pay is Phil Davies. During 2010 Davies began his career with the company as an advisor. In 2011 Davies accepted an appointment to the board. Tony Davis is the Finance Director. Davis received his credentials as a Chartered Accountant in 1977. Craig James is a Director at the company and he has a vast amount of experience in business in areas such as risk management and regulatory aspects of business.

A recent partnership has occurred with Kerv Wearables. This partnership will provide a Master Card ring which will allow customers from around the world to make purchases. This innovate payment method will allow customers to make payments without providing their banking information during transactions with the merchants. Consequently, individuals will not need to carry a wallet, credit cards, or debit cards to make purchases when using the Kerv ring. The type technology used in the Kerv ring is expected to be the preferred way customers will pay for goods and services in the future because of concerns such as identity theft, the decline in consumers carrying cash in society, and the rise in theft caused by credit card skimming technology. Additionally, technical glitches at traditional banks have led to an increase in the necessity of alternative payment methods. The ring is backed by FCA regulations . Concerns customers will monitor are addressed by PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables which include: the ability to connect their rings to other accounts such as PayPal and bank accounts to refill the rings, the capability of using the ring in more than 38 million merchants around the world.

Kamal Idris on Global Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Kamil Idris is a former diplomat and an author who has several publications on intellectual property and international law. With his broad knowledge on intellectual content, he is an activist of protecting copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets. In the professor’s opinion, giving the original inventors of something the exclusive right to use it, will inspire entrepreneurs to be creative and come up with new products, secret formulas, unique processes and songs among other things.

According to Professor Kamil Idris, to succeed in the world of European commerce, you have to register your idea with the Unified patent courts(UPC) in the proper patent form before other rivals file such patents. The UPC is a government bureau under the European Union that protects patents. For trade secrets, the European Trade Secrets directive offered any businesses with them a boost to function normally.

When he spoke to Venture Outsource recently, Idris mentioned that the greatest challenge draining intellectual growth was globalization. He says that the general internet state was one of WIPO’s common issues, but they were handling it quite well by putting into effect their patent data to monitor violations. He has even suggested a global patent agreement to facilitate the integration process passed on by patent discrepancies among nations.

The professor states that intellectual property is quite essential and sites the example of the Chinese and the united state’s dispute. The misunderstanding came in when manufactures in the US were pushed out of the market by Chinese manufacturers who allegedly produce similar goods to theirs selling them globally at much lower prices when equated to the original. This has brought repercussions to the Chinese government after Trumps administration decided they would impose high levies on their exports.

Professor Kamil’s expertise can be ascertained to the fact that he is a Ph.D. holder in international law from Geneva University and has an LLB from the University of Khartoum. In addition to these, he has several honorary doctorate degrees from 19 universities. The Sudanese national was employed right after university, by the university’s ministry of foreign law, inside united nations Sudanese branch. In 1997 he became the third person to become director general of the WIPO where he worked till 2008. Kamil Idris has over the years established himself as an expert in all matters intellectual.

Robert Ivy’s Valuable Contribution In Architecture

Aiming at being the best at what one does engage him or herself is one of the essential things in life one can do. It does involve many aspects of life that must contribute positively to the society at large by bettering the lives of those affected and concerned by the activities one is entrusted. It there does involve having the one concerned interest at heart. Some of those activities are so important that they do affect the lives of those concerned either directly or indirectly thus the all depend on the once involved to do the best they can in maintaining moral stands expected of them.

Robert Ivy is one such individual who does what is expected of him with the highest stands. Robert Ivy joined the American Institute of Architects in 2011 and continued to raise the flag higher by the day by ensuring dissemination of information about architecture is done as is expected thus breaking old codes that had been in place before he joined.

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American Institute of the Architect has been around since the year 1857 mandated with valuable property, healthy housing and that we have secure and sustainable buildings and neighborhoods’. Having 200 chapters which are both local, state and international, the charters help to ensure the wellbeing of the public and vitality economic wise all of which are advocated and highly maintained by Robert Ivy who also is the chief executive officer of the institute.

Robert Ivy high professional standards ensuring code of conduct is maintained and adhered to also are envisioned by American Institute of Architects. By engaging the government and the public to find solutions as Robert Ivy does in ensuring information reaches the once concerned is one of the best ways that the institute runs its affairs and having CEO with the same idea of doing things.

Robert Ivy is the first and only architect who has won the prestigious Polk award and thus joining only six others who have received the award since its inception. The one who has received the award include writer Eudora Welly in the year 2001, actor Morgan Freeman in2007, writer Shelby Foot in 2004, late artist Walter Anderson in 1989 and singer Leonly price.

Arguably, Robert Ivy is one of the few whose contributions in the society is instrumental and from his works and awards, he truly deserves to be the ambassador of the architectural profession.

Call Fortress Investment Group For Asset Needs!

When you need help managing assets ranging from long term cash flow to real estate, you need one of the world’s largest companies to assist you! Fortress Investment Group know a thing or two about managing all of your physical and financial assets to make sure they are safe and secure for a very long time. Their experience with acquisitions and mergers allow them to work with stakeholders to determine the execution of an investment. Fortress has a team of investment professionals whom have relationships and expertise with a variety of institutions and companies alike.Since their founding year of 1998, they have launched investment funds and made acquisitions very rapidly for their industry. Fortress Investment Group started as a private equity firm in New York City by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman.

All three gentlemen came from a background of business and finance, making them a triple threat to the investment world. When Fortress launched on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007, it was made the largest private-equity firm in the United States to be publicly traded.Although the economy downfall hit the nation very hard a year later, they have since acquired multiple portfolio companies making them remain on top of their game.In 2010, Fortress Investment Group invested $875 million dollars to Millennium Development Group to build an athletes village for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. With the project being completed in November of 2009, Fortress Investment Group became the owner of the athletes village after the Winter Olympics. In 2011, they opened offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Shanghai. They also launched the Fortress Asia Macro Fund, winning them “Best Singapore Hedge Fund” and “Best Asia-Based Macro Fund” awards in 2013. They previously won the “Best New Asia Hedge Fund” award in 2012.

With a launch of less than 2 years, they had already made themselves a household name from a country they chose to open an office- making them VERY valuable!A decision to be buy Fortress Investment Group was made in 2007. The company to be so fortunate to do so was Softbank Group Corp for $3.3 billion. This was a major game changer for both companies to gain from. At the time, the IPO was at $18.50 a share but with the financial crisis, the amount went down to only .77 a share as many companies were afraid of taking a risk of things getting worse. Fast forward 10 years later in 2017, the buyout became official when the public community to appreciate their shares again. Being in public was very difficult for Fortress to do because they wanted to convince their shareholder community that their investments were worth a lot more. So now they will operate as an independent company within Softbank Group Corp. The purchase was very interesting for the financial community because SoftBank is known for being in technology and now becoming a part of the financial world is a big change in their company’s strategy.

Ronald Fowlkes the Passion for Mentorship

It is possible to serve even after leaving the armed forces and special operations security professions. Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is a living embodiment of such possibility. He found the means to give back to the community while doing something he loves. He is an official trainer for his son’s team besides being in charge of all their equipment. Mr. Fowlkes’ vision is beyond giving; it also entails leading in the right manner. He, therefore, offers his leadership skills to FirstSpear, the organization supplying tactical equipment to soldiers all over the world. His role enables him to teach kids about the importance of looking after their gear.

The veteran understands that serving is more than just being in uniform. Ronald Fowlkes’ love for the country pushes him into always trying to make it better. As the office trainer, he ensures the team is in perfect shape for the coach and getting a chance to pass his know how to another generation is something he holds dear. While mentoring, his experience allows him to see things differently and most certainly get positive results from the kids. He, therefore, tries to offer the best guide to the mentees on proper decision making. He can attribute most of his success story to the love of family. That is the reason why giving to the community while having the opportunity to be in his son’s life is such a delight to him.

Mr. Ronald Fowlkes has helped Eagle Industries, a tactical gear provider, soar to great heights. His training in law enforcement has helped grease the process. The veteran also worked alongside many dedicated policemen and women in St. Louis Missouri. The expertise of committed employees such as Mr. Fowlkes has made Eagle Industries Unlimited into a company of worldwide reputation. Excellent listening and communication skills are spots on when describing Ronald Fowlkes, attributes that consistently work to the company’s advantage. People interested in more detailed explanations concerning the various products offered by the company he helps in managing can get assured of answers beyond doubt. His knowledge of tactical gear is unparalleled.

The tactical gear industry is ever changing. Therefore, Mr. Fowlkes ensures to keep himself updated in all the necessary areas. Besides, he handles all the employees training requirements for the company. He makes sure that the training gets done in a modern clear and transparent technique. Honesty and boldness have helped him much. Many people that are involved in the tactical gear industry have learned to trust Ronald Fowlkes for his means to alleviate their curiosities. No one can beat the dedication of this tactical gear guru in always assisting in the most pleasant but factual manner.


Ricardo Tosto Explains the 13,254 Law

There is a global trend to persuade tax transparency by the Brazilian law no. 13,254. First implemented in 2016, the specially created program has over the years encouraged taxpayers to declare their assets to Brazilian authorities. These reports include non reported properties as well as rights sent or hoarded abroad but not legally declared hence the inaccuracy to the authorities. As of 2014, the government insisted that tax payers should participate in the program.

Background Look

For Ricardo Tosto, the founder of Tosto and Barros, this could be positive partnership given the joint effort to document repatriated resources of Brazilians. Similarly agreeing with this opinion is Nelson William, Tosto’s partner and associate. Joining them on the same line of thought is Gil Vicente Gama who points out that the law bridges the gap between national as well as foreign lawyers.


For Vicente Gama, such partnerships facilitate procedures as well as processes that involve particularities in two or more countries. He associates this case with a project involving asset regularization projects, giving a broad example of Brazil and other countries in which the specific person has resources.

What it Took to Pass this Law

While the law of repatriation was implemented for obvious reasons, it went through tremendous trajectory prior to its approval by the government officials. As reiterated by Ricardo Tosto, the first segment of the implementation had 17.5% income tax in addition to a fine that surmounted to 17.5%. Nevertheless, this amount was levied in the current tax exchange rate. A deeper look into the discussion indicated that there was a new presentation suggesting the reduction of income tax rate to about 15%.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

Ricardo Tosto is an experienced lawyer. He has a vast knowledge of the law and understands vast terminologies applied in court. Aside from that, he has solid experience in the business and has used this experience to represent clients across different sectors. Moreover, he co-owns a law firm that helps clients to decipher legal matters. Over the past years, Tosto has worked n various corporations that have helped him hone his skills in solving legal matters.

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A Brief History of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the CEO and Principal of Fortress Investment Group which he co-founded with Wesley R. Eden in 1998. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology at the University of Connecticut and his Juris Doctor Degree from Boston University School of Law. Before co-founding Fortress Investment, he worked as a Managing Director of UBS, a Principal of BlackRock Financial Management, and as a member of the executive committee for the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm.Nardone has served on the board of directors at Fortress since 2006 and currently manages all of the company’s finances and legal matters. The business was originally a private equity management firm but it later expanded to include the management of real estate, hedge funds, and debt security.

The firm was first publicly traded in 2007 and became the largest private equity firm to do so.Fortress Investment Group manages over 1,700 clients and $43.6 billion dollars in assets. Employees have been known to comment on the fast paced nature of the company and how insightful it is to work with a management team that pushes them to do more and recognizes their achievements. Fortress Investment group was acquired by SoftBank Group as of December 27, 2017 for $3.3 billion. After the acquisition, Class A shareholders received $8.08 per share and Fortress common stock ceased to be traded on the stock market.

The office still operates independently and Randal Nardone and the other Principals have not been removed from their positions. Nardone and the rest of the Principals have agreed to give half of the after tax revenue from the acquisition to Fortress-managed funds that are aligned with limited partner investments and equity securities of SoftBank. Aside from his main job at Fortress, Randal Nardone serves as the Director of Eurocastle Investment Limited, President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, Non Executive Director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda, and Director of Florida East Coast Holding Corporation among other titles.