Kamal Idris on Global Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Kamil Idris is a former diplomat and an author who has several publications on intellectual property and international law. With his broad knowledge on intellectual content, he is an activist of protecting copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets. In the professor’s opinion, giving the original inventors of something the exclusive right to use it, will inspire entrepreneurs to be creative and come up with new products, secret formulas, unique processes and songs among other things.

According to Professor Kamil Idris, to succeed in the world of European commerce, you have to register your idea with the Unified patent courts(UPC) in the proper patent form before other rivals file such patents. The UPC is a government bureau under the European Union that protects patents. For trade secrets, the European Trade Secrets directive offered any businesses with them a boost to function normally.

When he spoke to Venture Outsource recently, Idris mentioned that the greatest challenge draining intellectual growth was globalization. He says that the general internet state was one of WIPO’s common issues, but they were handling it quite well by putting into effect their patent data to monitor violations. He has even suggested a global patent agreement to facilitate the integration process passed on by patent discrepancies among nations.

The professor states that intellectual property is quite essential and sites the example of the Chinese and the united state’s dispute. The misunderstanding came in when manufactures in the US were pushed out of the market by Chinese manufacturers who allegedly produce similar goods to theirs selling them globally at much lower prices when equated to the original. This has brought repercussions to the Chinese government after Trumps administration decided they would impose high levies on their exports.

Professor Kamil’s expertise can be ascertained to the fact that he is a Ph.D. holder in international law from Geneva University and has an LLB from the University of Khartoum. In addition to these, he has several honorary doctorate degrees from 19 universities. The Sudanese national was employed right after university, by the university’s ministry of foreign law, inside united nations Sudanese branch. In 1997 he became the third person to become director general of the WIPO where he worked till 2008. Kamil Idris has over the years established himself as an expert in all matters intellectual.

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