Robert Ivy’s Valuable Contribution In Architecture

Aiming at being the best at what one does engage him or herself is one of the essential things in life one can do. It does involve many aspects of life that must contribute positively to the society at large by bettering the lives of those affected and concerned by the activities one is entrusted. It there does involve having the one concerned interest at heart. Some of those activities are so important that they do affect the lives of those concerned either directly or indirectly thus the all depend on the once involved to do the best they can in maintaining moral stands expected of them.

Robert Ivy is one such individual who does what is expected of him with the highest stands. Robert Ivy joined the American Institute of Architects in 2011 and continued to raise the flag higher by the day by ensuring dissemination of information about architecture is done as is expected thus breaking old codes that had been in place before he joined.

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American Institute of the Architect has been around since the year 1857 mandated with valuable property, healthy housing and that we have secure and sustainable buildings and neighborhoods’. Having 200 chapters which are both local, state and international, the charters help to ensure the wellbeing of the public and vitality economic wise all of which are advocated and highly maintained by Robert Ivy who also is the chief executive officer of the institute.

Robert Ivy high professional standards ensuring code of conduct is maintained and adhered to also are envisioned by American Institute of Architects. By engaging the government and the public to find solutions as Robert Ivy does in ensuring information reaches the once concerned is one of the best ways that the institute runs its affairs and having CEO with the same idea of doing things.

Robert Ivy is the first and only architect who has won the prestigious Polk award and thus joining only six others who have received the award since its inception. The one who has received the award include writer Eudora Welly in the year 2001, actor Morgan Freeman in2007, writer Shelby Foot in 2004, late artist Walter Anderson in 1989 and singer Leonly price.

Arguably, Robert Ivy is one of the few whose contributions in the society is instrumental and from his works and awards, he truly deserves to be the ambassador of the architectural profession.

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