Barbara Stokes and Her Passion For Helping Others and Spending Time With Family

There’s probably not many entrepreneurs today that are as dedicated to both their career and family life as Barbara Stokes, the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. This is not surprising to know, because achieving the right balance between personal life and a career that would eat up a lot of the free time that’s dedicated for personal affairs is something that few can pull off. Fortunately, Barbara Stokes has achieved such balance, as we can analyze from the interview that she did for Ideamensch. Follow Barbara Stokes on


The Humanitarian Woman


The passion for Barbara Stokes to serve and find purpose in helping the people around her prosper doesn’t just stop in her company and personal life. She also makes sure that the people who need humanitarian relief can get the assistance that they deserve. Being the CEO of Green Structure Homes in Alabama is one effective way that she can render such help for others, as the company she’s running is responsible for constructing both modular and pre-fab homes for those affected by terrible disasters. This project of hers would probably not be successful if she didn’t involve her husband with her. She is also able to build houses for school campuses and bullet-resistant shacks for military projects with her company, mainly because she also has created a secure network with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make her projects happen.



Barbara Stokes on Twitter


Other than building affordable and functional homes for those who need relief, Barbara Stokes is also actively involved in social media. In fact, in her Twitter profile, we can see that she’s passionate in sharing not just details of her family life, but also details of how the field workers in her company are working day and night and in the deep cold snow, so that they can deliver the needed work. It is also through social media that she is gaining the support for her campaign in making sure that the people affected by Hurricane Harvey cannot miss all the relief opportunities that they can get both from the government and the private sector. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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