Spring 2018 Is All About Lime Crime And All About Brows And Eyes

Spring 2018 is a great time to try new looks.

Lime Crime has got you covered when it comes to trying out new cosmetics.

Just who is Lime Crime?

A makeup line that is completely cruelty-free and that seeks to help women to be their most confident selves.

Created and run by beauty mogul Doe Deere, Lime Crime has just the products that you need to help make spring 2018 your most creative season ever when it comes to your makeup looks.

Ensure That Those Brows Are On Fleek

Whether you like to spend hours crafting your face into a work of art or you do the bare minimum to achieve the look that you desire, many people can agree that well-groomed eyebrows can really make or break a look.

Some women groom their brows by shaping it with a razor, comb, and brush daily.

Some women opt to visit a professional every once in a while.

Still, other women like to take an eyebrow pencil every now and then to darken their brows.

Dark brows are really in right now.

It is especially important to have dark brows if the hair on your head is dark.

If your eyebrows are lighter than your hair, simply take an eyebrow pencil to give those brows a bit more color.

Eye Shadow Is A Must

Repeat after me: “Purple is the style of the season.”

If you remember nothing else when it comes to makeup, remember this.

Doe Deere and others in the beauty industry agree that purple is the color for spring 2018.

In fact, Deere believes this so strongly that she and her corporate team crafted an eye shadow palette specifically to showcase the color purple.

The Venus 3 palette also includes nudes for those who don’t want a completely purple look, but remember that purple is the star of the show in this palette and is also playing a starring role in spring 2018.

If you want to try a bold purple, apply the color Paradise.

If you’re more of a bright purple kind of girl, use a bit of Beam.

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