What sets Wes Edens apart?

By looking at some of the investment made by the Oregon State University graduate, we can start to understand some of the decisions that Wes Edens continues to make. The Fortress Investment Group co-founder has been one of the most influential people within the group and continues to guide the group’s operations to date. He has been a specialist in distressed debt assets and has not shied away from making investments in them. This has been done in his private capacity as well as for the group. He was one of the key influences that led to the acquisition of American General Finance a company that was heavily invested in subprime. In 2010 following the crisis that had hit that sector not many investors would have been willing to touch such an asset but not Wes Edens. He knew precisely what AIG needed and would with the help of distressed business expert and Co-CEO who is also in charge of the credit division at the Fortress Peter Briger acquiring a controlling stake for 125 million dollars. The first order of business for Wes Edens was to revamp its investment strategy, and by 2015 the company which had been renamed to SpringLeaf Financial had already grown to 3.5 billion dollars. This was a 27-time growth in value for a company that most investors would have considered unsalvageable. The wall street journal would go on to refer to Wes Edens as the new king of subprime. The company has today grown to manage assets worth more than 14 billion dollars.

He was not done with this sector as he went on to acquire Centex Home Equity company. This is what many people know as Nationalstar Mortgage where Wes Edens is the chairman. The company was in a similar space when it was acquired for 575 million dollars. This is what makes him one of the best when it comes to taking over distressed businesses. He has also had a keen interest when it comes to sports investing. He recently acquired a significant stake at Aston Villa which is an English football Club that has been in existence for the last century or so.

Jamaican-Born Gay Rights Activist Gareth Henry

Being born on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, one of the 76 countries that criminalized same-sex relationships, Gareth Henry, who himself is a homosexual man, later became an advocate for the LGBTQ community to fight against the injustices that those who are a part of that group face on a constant basis. Having witnessed a lot of tragic events involving close friends who are also gay, he felt the need to stand up and speak out for gay rights in his home country, and to assist others with escaping persecution and death by finding ways to relocate them to safer places in the world.

Gareth Henry had to escape this same type of persecution himself in 2008 when he fled Jamaica and relocated to Toronto, Canada, where he was given the status of refugee. While pushing for change in his home country by leading the All-Sexuals and Gays group, also known as J-FLAG, he was targeted by policemen who ambushed and beat him, and he’s said that at least 13 of his friends were killed there in homophobic attacks. After moving to Canada, he began working at the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, an organization where he still serves as Interim Director. In order to continue to fight anti-gay hate crimes, Gareth Henry also joined the Rainbow Railroad as a volunteer.

The Rainbow Railroad is much like the historic slave relocation service known as the Underground Railroad, which was responsible for helping many runaway slaves maintain freedom. Through the Rainbow Railroad, Gareth Henry has so far assisted more than 60 LGBTQ refugees by finding safer places for them to move to. Most of them have been from his own country.

Gareth Henry was born in St. Mary’s, on the northern coast of Jamaica, and he spent his growing years attending elementary and high school there. He later attended Excelsior Community College and the University of the West Indies, earning a BS degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Communications for Social and Behavior Change. He continues to be a passionate advocate for the rights and safety of gay people and their families.

For details: www.flashscore.com/player/henry-gareth/tp2wViP1/

The Chainsmokers Debut an Infectious New Tune–“Side Effects” feat. Emily Warren

The Chainsmokers recently debuted a new single, bringing “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren to the delighted ears of fans all over the world.

The music video, directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, features Camila Mendes of Riverdale fame playing Riley, a hotel employee. During her shift, Riley’s boss calls on the work phone to inform her that she will have to work throughout the weekend. Riley, hanging up before the boss can finish speaking, proceeds to tear off her work uniform and dance around the hotel to the Chainsmokers’ electro beats and the melodic singing of Emily Warren.

The Chainsmokers, comprised of the American electronic dance music duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, hit the big time with their 2014 smash single “#Selfie.” The track hit the top twenty in charts across the world. “Bouquet,” their debut EP, was released in fall of 2015 with lead single “Roses” leading to critical acclaim for the duo. They proceeded to win a Grammy Award for “The Best Dance Recording” at the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony. “Closer,” featuring Halsey, became the duo’s first number-one single.

The Chainsmokers have proceeded to two American Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, and a whopping eight iHeartRadio Music Awards. Their sophomore EP, “Collage,” was released upon the world in November of 2016, preceding the release of their debut full-length record, “Memories…Do Not Open,” in 2017.

In 2018, the EDM duo launched their first track since the release of their debut record, called “Sick Boy.” This was followed up with “You Owe Me,” another single off of what would become the “Sick Boy EP.” July of 2018 saw the leak of “In My Head,” their collaboration track with American rapper Juice Wrld.

Chainsmoker Andrew Taggart describes his project’s overall sound as a blend between many genres, including indie, pop, and hip-hop. He is the producer of the duo, hailing from Freeport, Maine. His partner in the duo, Alex Pall, handles DJ duties. Alex is from New York.

Expect plenty more infectious tunes from this talented duo, as they are expected to be building up to a second studio record very soon.


Background Information on Matt Badiali and the Freedom Checks

Freedom checks entail a new investment concept that was introduced by Matt Badiali. Matt is a geologist and spent most of his time inspecting coal and oil mines in different countries. This offered him a platform to interact with many CEOs and leaders from huge energy corporations. The energy sector is viewed as being one of the areas that offer huge prospects for investors. The decline in the level of imports and improvements in the operations of American oil and gas companies means that they would record improved performance in the coming years. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

Badiali argues that the raw materials, oil mines or coal mines may be used to evaluate the prospect of an organization. The process also helps determine the most lucrative and low-risk Freedom Checks in the sector. Just like other investments, the approach calls for calculated risks and analysis of past and probable performances of a corporation. The checks are common in real estate and energy sectors.

Introduction of Freedom Checks

In 2008, a financial crisis saw the stock market crash that led to a significant reduction in oil prices. The move made many investors cautious of buying energy stocks. Despite the uncertainty in the market, Matt decided to invest in energy stocks in 2008. In 2010, he sold his shares and generated a 4, 400% profit. The huge earnings propelled him to become a top investment strategist and analyst. He holds the view that other investors can make similar gains from freedom checks. They take advantage of the master limited partnership that ensures that 90% of the benefits go to the investor. It is thus an ideal platform where investors can make considerable gains. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

How do Freedom Checks Work?

Rather than being paid in standard stock options, gains from these checks are paid through Master Limited Partnership. The MLPs comes with huge benefits such as the Internal Revenue Code Title 26, Subtitle F. Despite being in a limited partnership, the MPL arrangement allows investors to enjoy the benefits of a public traded company. Taxation of the capital gains is only done after the distribution processes. They are claimed and paid just like other investments. There is the option of using brokers or financial institutions during the acquisition or claiming procedures.

View: https://freedomchecks.com/about-freedom-checks/

A Sneak Peek Into Sussex Healthcare And Why It Is The Ultimate Physical Therapy Destination For The Elderly And The Disabled In The U.K

Sussex Healthcare has progressively grown to become a leading network of institutions and support services catering to the diverse needs of elderly patients and persons with disabilities in the United Kingdom.

With over 20 residences staffed by a seasoned team of physicians and nurses with vast experience in remedying neurological disorders and dementia, the organization has proven to be a reliable pillar in the medical therapy process in the U.K. At Sussex Healthcare, the company has gone above and beyond to hire trained professionals to provide round-the-clock services with the aid of state-of-the-art technology.

Why Sussex Healthcare is the Best Option

Unlike other institutions, the UK-based home care stands miles apart by elevating a patient’s wellbeing and quality of life. By promoting the consumption of a balanced diet, the therapy service provider strictly ensures the provision of fresh meals from locally-sourced ingredients. Patients are also sensitized to take ample advantage of the various educational and outdoor activities guaranteed to expedite quick recovery.

Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare has grown by leaps and bounds from a single facility to a plethora of homes comprising of 600 beds. More importantly, it has redefined medical therapy for the elderly by striving to provide an excellent environment that safeguards independence, dignity and personal growth.

Caring for the Elderly

Apart from providing exceptional accommodations, meals, and personalized care, the institution has developed a stellar reputation for surpassing set goals and objectives. Coupled with state-of-the-art technology and competent doctors, elderly patients have unlimited access to occupational, reflexology and physiotherapy to remedy their individual disorders.

Caring For Persons with Disability

Sussex Healthcare pulled out all the stops to develop modern and purpose-oriented amenities consisting of multi-sensory rooms and spa pools to accommodate younger patients experiencing a multitude of physical disabilities. Each home is equipped with tailored staffing based on the specific needs of invalids while also featuring 24-hour specialists and nursing support.

Management Operations

The company’s unprecedented success couldn’t have been a reality without the incredible contribution and management of an elite group of physicians and entrepreneurs worldwide. Under the insightful leadership of the Chairman Shiraz Boghani and his counterpart Dr. Shafik Sachedina, the home care service provider has benefited from their three-decade experience in leading institutions such as the Aga Khan.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.

Gareth Henry-Helping to Free Refugees

We don’t know the persecution and hate toward same-sex partner as they have in many countries including Jamaica. Gareth Henry is from Jamaica, and he knows firsthand what it is like to be hated and persecuted against simply because of your sexual preference.

He was driven out of his own country of Jamaica because of the hatred and crimes against him, and his friends life-threatening and simply unbearable. He lost 13 of his friends to hate crimes, and he has many stories to tell that would make your skin crawl about the way human begins are treated simply because of their sexual preference.

Gareth Henry now lives in Toronto, but when he lived in Jamaica, he was an outspoken activist for the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays, or J-FLAG. He was pinpointed and targeted for hate crimes, and his life was threatened, so he decided to flee the country in pursuit of a better and safer life.

Gareth Henry has opened the eyes of the rest of the world to what is going on in Jamaica and many other countries. There are many refugees who have been given the name of “gully queens” which is a Jamaican term for LGBTQ outcasts. These outcasts have been forced to make their homes in the cemeteries and sewers where they live out their days in shame and misery. One 29-year-old had his intestines ripped out of his body by a pit bull while another young man was sexually assaulted. Another was disfigured by an angry mob who threw acid onto his body while still another committed suicide as a way out.

Gareth Henry has a wish that people will be more accepting and loving towards those who are different. If they were the world would be a much happier and compassionate place to live.

Gareth Henry has helped 60 refugees to relocate to new countries in 2016 alone, and many of them were Jamaican. He continues to devote all the time that he has to help refugees escape to better lives through Rainbow Railroad, an organization dedicated to helping refugees.

Upwork’s Positive Outreach

Time management and effective work ethic are important in society today in order to accomplish anything thoroughly. Days are not always long enough to complete all of the items on our list. Sometimes it simply means that the starting place is unknown. Many different suggestions and theories exist on how to be the most productive. Often times there is talent that goes unused. Landing a job or just simply sharing talents can be tough when the employer is not readily available. Contacting a freelance website such as Upwork can connect the work to the worker.

Not only does Upwork offer some great freelance jobs, there are many interesting and important articles on the site as well. Sorting through these posts can provide some important information. A lot of important job ready information can be accessed from this site. This company employs up to 12 million users throughout its interface.

Blog posts are common on this page. For example, in an article about getting through a to-do list easily, many tips are given. Capturing everything, making the list in advance, and sorting all the tasks into one place at a time are some of the suggestions given. Make sure that each one of the details are written down can help do nothing is forgotten. As the article relating to effectively managing a to-do list continues, the concept of putting a time goal on the task and then determine which tasks are the highest priority. Not allocating the correct amount of energy and time to specific tasks makes the process ineffective. Always end by re-evaluating the work and delegating the amount of stress each job needs. This also helps to check if the list has been fulfilled correctly.

Upwork is a great tool for anyone looking to do any kind of freelance work or for anyone looking for one great advice in the real world. This wonderful site is home to many talents and it is a treasure to understand the value of the site.

Adam Milstein: Importance of education to the Jews

The education of young Jews is one of the measures that the Jews are taking to ensure that they preserve their culture. It is the young generation that will take over leadership of the community years to come and push the community’s agenda further. If they happen to be unaware of the history of their community, they will into a trap that is set by their enemies. Being the only democratic country in the Middle East, Israel has many enemies from the neighboring dictatorial nations who are looking for the slightest opportunity to attack the Jewish state.

Adam Milstein, one of the community leaders for the Jewish-American community believes that one of the ways that the Jews can instill pride among themselves is by focusing on education. When Jews are educated right from a young age about their history, language, values, and culture, they will grow up knowing that they need to protect their values.

The education that the children get according to Adam Milstein should be focused on helping them to grow up knowing that they need to be committed to their families and the community. The education should also help them know how to live in the current times, in the face of the challenges that face the Jewish community such as anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein talks about educating the Jewish children to think outside the box. Critical thinking is one of the factors that should be insisted on and should be given priority. It should be encouraged among the young Jews right from a young age. The lessons that the children pick up will be instrumental in the future growth of the community. The next generation of Jews must be able to tackle the challenges that the community faces. There should be no more oppression of the Jews based on historical propaganda that has been peddled by agents of hate.

Adam Milstein is using his resources which he has gotten from his investments in the real estate sector. He has a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. He is turning his success in the business sector into the success of the whole community.


OSI Group Now Is Joined With Turi Foods

OSI Group has been steadily growing its holdings for over 40 years since its Chairman Sheldon Lavin first announced it would be moving into Europe in 1978. It’s had a presence in Australia for quite some time as well, and just this year it announced it was now joining Turi Foods to create a new joint venture. Turi Foods has produced much of the same meat products in beef and poultry that OSI has in their portfolio, and with both companies greatly valuing grassroots level business operation, the new alliance has been deemed a perfect fit for the two companies. The new joint venture will be known as Turosi and will combine both companies’ food specialties.

OSI Group owns several farm subsidiaries throughout the US and is a partner of several international food wholesale companies. It generates over $6 billion in annual revenue and it’s been meeting the demands of different customer markets with both customized prepared foods and raw meats for many years as well. OSI is actually also one of the longest running companies that began all the way back in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky immigrated from Germany to the Chicago area and decided to go into the meat market business. His shop that he setup was originally named Otto & Sons, a name it would hold as his sons gradually took over the business. The first major deal this locally-owned meat market store would make was with one of today’s most popular restaurant chains, McDonald’s. The restaurant chain was very small at that time, but then CEO Ray Kroc wanted Otto & Sons to become a part of his planned expansion.

The Kolschowsky’s would later rename Otto & Sons to OSI Group as they began to formulate a growth strategy to match McDonald’s. A former investment banker turned financial consultant named Sheldon Lavin was brought on as an advisor at first to help the company acquire bank loans, but as he got more involved with them he was elevated to partner and started building their holdings to places overseas. Lavin also brought along a young man who was raised on a farm but became adept at business who started out as an intern but would eventually work his way up the management chain to become a partner of Lavin’s and currently serve as Chief Operating Officer and president. That man is David McDonald who has been key in several recent acquisitions in Baho Food and a former Tyson plant. Today, OSI Group is ranked number 10 in the Top 50 Meat Processing Companies.