Steve Ritchie’s Transparent Apology

2018 has been a year of controversy, but one of the more public events centered around one of the largest pizza chains in the country. Despite the bad press, Papa John’s new CEO Steve Ritchie has handled himself as well as can be expected. He seems to be setting the company on a new path in the coming months, and has managed to do an okay job in the public relations sphere communicating that.

Steve Ritchie began his new public relations campaign by first posting an open letter on the Papa John’s website. This letter was certainly lacking overall, and initially did not help Ritchie. This first letter lacked empathy and somehow lacked a clear outright apology for previous events that occurred.

Credit should be given to Steve Ritchie however, as either through his own self-awareness or that of his staff, he published another apology letter that was sent out and had a little bit more meaning to it. This updated letter was sent to the Papa John’s mailing list so that Ritchie’s sentiment could be more prominent and emphasize the sincerity of its meaning.

The new letter finally does portray a level of empathy which the original was lacking in. Furthermore, Steve Ritchie gives forth an outright apology. This comes across as sincere and speaks directly to anyone affected by the events in question. The thing that would seem to help Ritchie the most is him outlining steps to be taken by the company going forward. Laying out that he will be bringing in consultants to assist with company culture as well as higher level management engaging in person with their employees at a store level. He also emphasizes transparency about what is going on and a call for customers to hold them accountable, and that although this will be a slow process, Papa John’s will rebuild trust in the consumer base.

Matthew Fleeger Has Taken His Expertise To Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger has been involved in several successful business projects throughout his career, from his own company startups to executive positions at large corporations. Today, Matthew is the president of Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas company in the US that has drilling operations all over the states. Gulf Coast Western is actually the family business for Matthew since his father is the original founder and owner of the company since 1970. Along with his position at Gulf Coast, Matthew Fleeger has also founded MedSolutions and Mystic Tan, which has become one of the largest tanning franchises in the entire world today. If that wasn’t enough for Matthew, he also played a part in the development of Palm Beach Town, an indoor tanning company that has become one of the leading tanning businesses throughout the United States.

Matthew’s inspiration for the corporate world came from his father, who inspired him through his own success. Eventually, Matthew became focused with business and even went to college to get his own business degree from Southern Methodist University. Matthew spent some time working for his father, but he also made a name for himself by separating off and starting up his own business projects. In 1993, Matthew managed to sell off one of his first company’s, MedSolutions. This medical waste treatment and disposal company picked up the attention of other major corporations in the business world, allowing him to sell the company for an easy 50 million dollars. Since then, Matthew has focused on the executive side of being a businessman, offering up his expertise and leadership skills at a variety of companies, including Kinlaw oil company. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with the oil industry, Matthew is a veteran and plans to continue his expansion with Gulf Coast Western.

Serge Belamant: Providing Effective Security for the Financial Sector

The financial sector records millions of fraudulent transactions every year, and most of the victims are common people who own debit and credit cards. Skimming devices are being used to copy information, and card owners will be surprised at the amount that they would have to pay thanks to the criminals who are stealing their financial information.

These fraudulent transactions are commonplace these days, but Serge Belamant – the founder and the current head of Net1 Technologies – is confident that this flawed security in the financial sector will finally be resolved thanks to the blockchain debit cards that his company developed. After the announcement of his company’s newest invention, many investors started putting their money on the company, greatly increasing their company value and stock prices. Serge Belamant is excited to see how the blockchain debit card would change the world of banking and finances, and he is expecting that millions around the world will start switching to this new type of banking option.

Serge Belamant stated that the banking revolution has begun, and through Net1 Technologies, a futuristic approach in banking could slowly be applied to help the society adapt. The patent for the blockchain debit card was filed by Net1 Technologies decades ago, but they only had the time to develop a real-life counterpart after they finished their research studies about the possibility of developing the product using the available technologies. Serge Belamant added that the blockchain debit card is not restricted to debiting purposes, and users of this technology can do more transactions and processes.

In the present, the technology works perfectly with EMV, and the security provided by the blockchain debit card is satisfactory. Serge Belamant is a supporter of technological advancement in the financial sector, and he stated that one of the reasons why his company created the blockchain debit card is to minimize the number of fraudulent incidents that victimizes a lot of innocent people. He wanted to curb the statistics on the number of people who have lost considerable amounts of fortune to criminals, and he is hoping that the blockchain debit card would be the ultimate answer to this problem.

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Igor Cornelsen Role in Brazilian Investments

Making investments that are profitable is a nightmare for many Brazilians. There are people who have ended up with frustrations because of the wrong investment decisions. Wise people, however, seek the services of experienced individuals before they can venture into any activity. Brazil has many finance professionals who can offer investment advice, but Igor Cornelsen stands out from the rest. The financial expert has been in this industry for decades, and has retired from his career in the banking department so that he can offer advice to the people who need it.

At the moment, Igor Cornselsen focuses all his energy on assisting individuals in Brazil to invest wisely and make the best out of the capital they have. His motto is making money with less work. According to the businessman, this can be achieved through real estate, bonds, stocks, business and many other investment ideas that are useful. This advice, however, takes into consideration the location of the investor in question and the knowledge they have when starting. Becoming an expert in finance has taken Igor Cornelsen a very long time.

When Igor Cornlsen got his admission to one of the prestigious universities in his nation, he chose to focus only in engineering because it was a great idea. Two years later, the financial expert started to realize that Brazil needed finance professionals more than engineer. Igor made a career change at this point, and he has lived to enjoy the benefits that came with it. His finance degree has assisted him to work for respected banks that are found in Brazil, and it has also helped in making him a leader in investment matters. Igor stands out from all other experts in the market from the start because of the background skills he has in engineering and compound interest.

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