Norman Pattiz’s Podcasts Are Helping Brands

The brands that are advertising on PodcastOne are getting the most recognition and they have actually begun to see major improvements that are able to rival those that have been with the Internet radio companies for several years.

It is something that the company has worked hard to make a reality and something that Norman Pattiz has done to help other people get exactly what they need. For PodcastOne, advertising is important because it is where they are able to make most of their money since they provide a service that is, essentially, free. It helps them to make sure that they can continue running podcasts.

Some of the advertisers had questioned how effective the podcasts were at getting information out there and Norman Pattiz dove into a study that would tell him what results were coming from the different commercials and advertisements that were on each of the podcasts.

It was something that helped him to make sure that he was providing people with the opportunities that they needed and the options that would help them to get better with their advertisements. Norman Pattiz wanted to show advertisers that listeners were buying the products being offered to them.

After the study was done, it revealed that buying was up by over 50% in all of the advertisements that had played during podcasts. Pattiz had found the right way to target people and had chosen the right audience to make sure that everyone was listening in. It helped them to make sure that they were doing everything that they could and that they were going to find the products that would work well for them.

It was also something that made it easier for each of the people to get what they wanted so that they would be able to make the right choices with their experiences.

PodcastOne is now performing better than ever. Since more people are aware of the things that they can get from it and businesses are doing what they can to advertise, it has seen huge surges in the people who are listening to the podcasts.

While many may think that podcasts are on the decline, that is far from the case. They are actually getting better and making it easier for people to listen. Norman Pattiz is planning on huge successes for PodcastOne with all of the shows that are currently playing on it.

The Accomplishments of Bruce Bent II

One of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the finance industry, Bruce Bent II is a name synonymous with innovative success. He’s credited with some of the most amazing short-term asset management and cash and cash-related solutions in the world.
His vision for the industry was the catalyst for the most influential and relevant products of cash sweep technological development. His entrepreneurial drive expanded many of the FDIC-insured programs. He holds over 60 patents and transformed the entire FDIC-Insured landscape into a $1 trillion industry. He’s also proven a successful leader-of-business.
Many of his interviews and speeches offer numerous famous quotes. He’s been published and featured in dozens of financial and entrepreneurial magazines. His name is also mentioned among the most successful CEOs in the world. His many ventures in asset management, intellectual property, and financial technologies make him the most outstanding Wall Street entrepreneur of today.
The way Bent makes his dreams realities is with the right team of people helping him. He may come up with many of the ideas, but it takes everyone to make them happen. He especially likes having smart people on his teams. He prefers generally smart people over specialized experts.
A major setback to having specialized experts is sometimes they are too intellectual. Generally, smart people offer a wider range of solutions. He also loves bringing in people who don’t realize they’re on his team. This includes potential customers; they usually offer the most valuable solutions.
One trait Bruce Bent II contributes to his success. Most entrepreneurs won’t admit it, but Bent likes that he doesn’t like hearing the word “no”. This makes him especially driven and successfully adventurous.

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Jeremy Goldstein, Member of the New York State Bar Association

Getting a lawyer to handle your legal issues like landlord-tenant problems, child custody issues, criminal issues, or write your will or any other legal matter in New York has now become an easy task. New York residents can now easily find a qualified and registered lawyer to take care of their legal issues. The online portal launched by the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) is available round the clock seven days a week. Clients can reach LRIS using where they will be required to fill in a questionnaire or make a phone call.


Claire P. Gutekunst who is the State Bar President said that all lawyers that they work with like Jeremy Goldstein have been vetted and found fit to serve the public. This online technology is a product of the partnership between New York State Bar Association and Client’s request will have to go through the following step before getting a lawyer. The client fills a questionnaire, the questionnaire gets reviewed to match with a relevant attorney, and then the request will be forwarded to the client’s county. Customers will pay $35 consultation fee for the first 30 minutes if they talk to the lawyer. The other charges will depend on how the individual and the attorney will agree.


Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the New York State Bar Association. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein sharpened his law skills in the New York University School of Law after graduating from Cornell University and the University of Chicago.


Jeremy Goldstein currently works for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC where he is also a partner. This law firm specializes in giving advice to CEO’s, compensation committees, corporations, and management teams. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has contributed to some of the largest business acquisitions in the region like the one of Goodrich and United Technologies.


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Wellness Starts With Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is committed to bringing affordable, preventative health services to people across the country. Preventative health screenings are helping people stay healthy longer, as well as improving quality of life. Knowing what you are at risk for allows you to make changes when possible to prevent serious health issues from arising. Lifeline Screening provides community based screening events all over America. These events are held in community centers, places of worship, senior centers, and corporations. The screenings they do are safe, non-invasive, quick and painless.

You don’t have to worry, the equipment used is the same quality that you would find in a hospital, and your screening is done by a highly trained technician. The results are then read by a board-certified physician. These results are meant to be shared with your personal doctor to help with your healthcare plan. Lifeline Screenings does three types of preventative screenings.Ultrasounds, which many people are familiar with being used in pregnancy, are widely used to detect various health issues while being painless and non-invasive. This technique can be used for Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, as well as Carotid artery disease screening. It can also be used to look for peripheral arterial disease and osteoporosis risk.

In many locations Lifeline Screenings offers a simple finger stick test, which you can have the results of within 10 minutes. This test is used to assess your risk for diabetes and heart disease. It checks you HDL, LDL, and triglycerides, and it checks your blood sugar level. This test also checks the levels of C-reactive protein, which can let you know if you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease. It also tests ALT and AST liver enzymes, an sign of liver injury.They can also preform an EKG to find out if you have a common condition, an irregular heartbeat. This is a way to assess if you have an increased risk for stroke.

End Citizens United Nets $4 Million And Aims For $35 Million To Push Its Agendas

In its efforts to get more Democrats elected to the Congress, End Citizens United has managed to raise more than $4 million towards the course. The cash will be used to finance campaigns for selected Democratic candidates. Besides, the innovative and effective committee hopes to raise about $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections.

In its effort to obtain sufficient funding, End Citizens United is looking to meet the target of an additional $10 million on top of the $25 million it managed to raise during their first election cycle. The money was channeled to fund campaigns of some of their candidates who got elected. The committee is hopeful that it will achieve its goal even when it has to beat the odds and a myriad of challenges ahead.

As a Political Action Committee (PAC), End Citizens United is seeking to invoke the constitutional amendment process to get a supreme court ruling against Citizens United revoked. The decision made by the court made it possible for the formation of super PACs. This means that Big Money will eventually find its way into politics, which is against the tenets of democracy in the United States. Currently, the committee can only accept donations that are below the $5000 mark from individuals. This is a step that ensures that illegal monies do not fund the group’s activities and affect the overall outcome.

Previously, over 100,000 people made contributions to the PAC. Of these, 40,000 donors were making contributions for the first time. The committee’s President and Executive Director, Tiffany Muller, is optimistic that more first-time donors will contribute in coming days. Already, there is a lot of support for End Citizen United and its fight towards better campaign-finance reform policies.

Recently, the committee led calls for contributors to raise about $500,000 towards the campaign of a first-time candidate, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat in Georgia. The 30-year-old Ossoff surprised the political circles by raising more than $4 million for the upcoming special election to fill in a Republican house slot, which was left vacant by Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price. According to Muller, who has played an active role as a political director in the Senate’s Democrats’ campaign arm, the group is still weighing up the races to participate in come next year. There are signs that it could marshal resources to defend Democratic senators like Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester of Ohio Montana respectively.

Financial Security With Market America

Market America is a global company that provides stable economic opportunity for individuals to become their own independent consultants. They have an international network to provide products to people all over the world, that is constantly being updated and expanded to stay ahead of consumers needs and wants. Market America Consultants are able to establish working relationships with consumers to provide them with the best fit of products and ensure their own revenue stream as a dedicated business professional. Market America will be hosting their premier event, a celebration of 25 years in the industry, in Greensboro, NC this August 2017.

Career Benefits through the Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a leading professional organization for people that’s are employed in the science and technology industries. Those that are members of the Wessex Institute of Technology will receive a number of different perks, one of which is access to career benefits.

Those that are members of the Wessex Institute of Technology can enhance their careers a fe different ways. The first way is through networking. The professional organization posts dozens of different conferences every year these conferences, which are located all over Europe, always have a dedicated time available for networking. This can help you to find new jobs and meet others in the industry.

Those that are looking to improve their career could also take it manage of the professional organization job board. Those that are members will be able to access an online job board that is full of current position postings and is available only to members.

Women in Business: Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B

Lori Senecal is the current worldwide CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency, and the former global executive chairperson of KBS. She is the one behind the creation of MDC’s strategic vision, thus expanding its exclusive model by working along with MDC and partners Agencies in advisory roles to encourage growth and teamwork. Lori also portrays her leadership obligations in collaborating with customers to help maximize logical frameworks across partner potentials. Previously in KBS she was focused on the worldwide vision of the agency and its growth.For the last five years Lori Senecal has developed a new initiative for KBS and kindled a movement for media over the metaphor of innovation to real invention, thus making KBS to become a symbol of invention. Lori believes that it takes genuine inventions to convey a real competitive power for products or services.

Lori also inspires workers to discover the careers they love. She has fostered and nurtured several affection projects and charities raised by employees by way of company innovation contests to motivate and stimulate employees in the agency, while encouraging culture and invention.Prior to Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency and KBS, Lori has worked as the President of the McCann Erickson New York flagship office and before then as the worldwide McCann Worldgroup’s chief innovation officer. At McCann, Senecal established the TAG logic, which is a marketing masterpiece entity for young adults.

Lori frequently gives out business intuitions and idealistic leadership through speaking meetings, television interviews, op-Eds, and award tribunals. She was titled one of Ad Age’s females to watch for in 2014 and in 2013 she was awarded a Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. She is the founder of the Isaac+ award, which honors inventive students. She has also been the jury chair of Isaac Awards for the past two years.Since joining Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency in 2015, Lori has made an overwhelming significance on both culture and business, establishing an absolutely modernized global organization that is energetic, cooperative, and inventive, contributing to international consistency and also a powerful local market elegance.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Business Of DNA

The three famous letters DNA are an abbreviation for Deoxyribonucleic acid. Everything that a person physically is can be traced back to the best genetic coding of their DNA. It’s truly amazing that something we will never see with the naked eye is directly responsible for our entire physical being. With the changing of our genetic structure over thousands of years, humanity has changed mostly for the better. Unfortunately, there are still ailments that exist in the blueprint of the human genome. Geneticists toil endless hours to understand and correct these ailments. It’s difficult work and organizations like Tempus require the greatest of minds to achieve this goal.

Tempus is a company at the forefront of incredible genomic technology. Tempus is currently developing an operating system that will acquire, file and accurately access genomic data. By having massive amount of genomic data filed away, physicians will be able to more accurately treat their patients by having an understanding of their illness at a genetic level. This understanding comes from a blend of both molecular and clinical data to better personalize patient treatments.

Tempus was co-founded by entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, who is also known as the CEO of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace. As the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky guides the vision of the company while providing the proper choices to keep the company financially afloat. As a founder and CEO of multiple companies such as the aforementioned Groupon, the supply chain management company Echo Global Logistics, marketing company Inner Workings, advertising and software company Mediaocean, the data analytics company Uptake, and a venture capital firm Lightbank, Eric Lefkofsky is more than qualified at the helm of Tempus.Revolutionary work is being done at Tempus to provide doctors with a better means to serve their patients. With each day humanity’s genetic future looks even brighter.

Whitney Wolfe, The Familiar Figure Behind Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is the famous American entrepreneur, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble dating app. Born in Utah, Salt Lake City, Wolfe learned at the Southern Methodist University before majoring in International Studies. She was an active entrepreneur while still in school and would later launch a charitable organization, the Help Us Project. She has also worked in Southeast Asia in orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22 years. She collaborated with the Hatch Labs IAC incubator project. After the collapse of the project, she went on to start the Tinder dating app together with Justin Mateen, Chris Gulczynski in 2012. At the new company, she was responsible for popularizing the brand on the main American campuses and colleges. She would later break off from the partnership and start Bumble.

In 2014, Wolfe was acknowledged by the Business Insider as one of the Most Important Women under 30 in Technology Industry. Launched in 2014, Bumble as feminist dating app has multi-million registered users across the world. Bumble helps to create the most secure and safest environment where only the users know each other. The app has made possible for millions of user to meet and interact.

Bumble dating app gives its users more control than the other conventional dating apps. Even more, Bumble aims to launch other features like the BumbleBFF and BumbleBIZZ for finding and locating friends.

According to dating app user records, by last year, Bumble was the fourth most used dating apps. So far, user feedback is positive and most active members report below average harassment and abuse. Most active member’s bullying experience on Bumble is even less than average. It is the coolest site to be fun to each other, chill out and treat everyone with kindness. People who seek respect and understanding can take advantage of the app.