Cotemar’s Business Explained

As Cotemar, we have been in the business of providing PetroleosMexicanos (Pemex) with services for close to three decades now. In the oil industry we are an authority in the provision of services. We also have a stronghold in the gas sector. All or services are certified by the authorities and endorsed by the great reviews we get from our clients. Due to the ever changing dynamics in this industry, we are always improving so as to retain our competitive edge. The services clients get from us are summarized into these general categories: construction, catering, engineering, maritime support, accommodation, modernization.



Employees Satisfaction



Working for Cotemar is a plus as we are keen on growing the employees’ career wise. The opportunities we present before the employees help them to grow holistically. The training workshop set aside for the employees are determined to help them hone their skills in the area of their specialization. Safety is of primacy in the training opportunities we offer our employees.



Catering and Accommodation



Cotemar also offers accommodation and catering on the rigs that it operates. All the vessels we run equally have these services. In each of the cabins, customers will get laundry services and cleaning services coupled with nourishment. These cabins can hold 2 individuals for the small ones and up to 5 individuals for the bigger ones. The recreation area has a basketball court on which people can enjoy the game. There is also a television room and a cinema for clients to get entertained. The gymnasium in the rig and vessels also ensures that clients can still keep fit. We are able to cater to about 4000 people comfortably, offering them foods and drinks and ample space to interact and enjoy.



Additional Services



We offer clients specialized maritime services and support. Since our vessels are operated with the aid of satellite linked machines, we are in a position to provide offshore maintenance. We also offer transportation of lightweight materials and personnel. The specialized services we offer include: transportation and firefighting. When it comes to construction and maintenance, we have such services as derricks to help in lifting and moving heavy loads.

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Tammy Mazzocco: Giving People the Gift of a Perfect Home in Ohio

Last year, the state of Ohio witnessed a tremendous growth in the real estate industry. It was said to be real estate’s busiest year since 2005. What sets Ohio’s real estate apart from other states was the fact that it managed to stay afloat and keep sales up despite one of the most severe winters the country experienced.

According to reports, sales in the real estate business went up by a whopping seven percent as compared to sales in 2015. Recently, the state of Ohio has been experiencing an increase in demand for housing properties. The increase in sales would be owed to the real estate industry trying to fulfill every single customer’s needs, in spite of the scarcity of homes.

In light of this, buyers are constantly on the prowl to find new listings which they can grab at the first opportunity they get. In such times, having a good real estate agent can be one of the most useful things. A good real estate agent will try their best to give you the best property you deserve.

Tammy Mazzocco has been in the business of real estate for quite some time. Her immense knowledge and excellent skill and proficiency in giving clients exactly what they want have led her to become one of the leading real estate agents in Ohio, making Tammy the perfect candidate for people looking out for a home in this tight home market, especially in the Franklin, Licking, Delaware and Fairfield areas.

Tammy Mazzocco views her clients’ investments just as she would view her own. She believes in providing the client with a service they will be satisfied with. She strives to put her clients first and aims to understand each of them in order to provide them with the best properties tailored to them. Countless people in the state of Ohio have managed to find their perfect place to call home, and have only Tammy to thank for that.

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Tech Fashionista Chris Burch

Chris Burch is highly regarded in the worlds of tech and finance. Burch has invested widely in a number of innovative firms. As founder of Burch Creative Capital, he stays a step ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in a variety of industries.


Over the years, Chris Burch has made investments in a variety of start-ups including Poppin, Zeel and Nanoleaf. Whether it’s furniture, personal care or lighting, Burch knows a good thing when he sees one. He has a knack for knowing what will resonate with consumers, and what business plans look viable.


Because of his proven skill and great track record, Chris Burch’s analysis is highly sought after. Recently he wrote an article about the increased role of technology in fashion.


At first, tech and fashion seem like an unlikely pairing. However, consider the popularity of wearables in recent years. Whether it’s an Apple Watch, Google Glass or a FitBit, these items have quickly become popular household names. Burch sees this trend continuing to expand into the fashion space.


For example, he gives the example of Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. As a fashion designer, Wipprecht has broken new ground by making avant-garde yet functional items. These include the DareDroid dress, which makes drinks. Wipprecht has also invented the PseudoMorph, which is a self-painting dress. Although these garments will probably never be 9-to-5 wear for the average worker, they demonstrate that the functionality of fashions is expanding.


Another example Burch mentions is the wearable airbag. Designed to protect cyclists in the event of a crash, this item was designed with form and function in mind. While almost no one wants to wear safety gear, the airbag looks sleek and inobtrusive enough to gain an audience.


Burch also notes that materials are changing. Advances in recyling technology have made it possible to use materials like rubber tires and copper in garments. This not only contributes to a futuristic, innovative look, it also reduces the demand for natural resources. For example, fibers like linen and cotton require a lot of water and space to be grown and processed.


Chris Burch’s insights into wearables and fashion signal an interesting new direction for the industry. Technology is no longer separated from the arts. In fact, they are becoming more integrated than ever before.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Your Online Profile

Are you a company executive or professional trying to find a trustworthy firm to help you establish a favorable image online? Do you understand the influence an adverse online reputation can have on your organization or personal profile? If you are serious about having an effective system in place to handle your online reputation management, you have to get in touch with a team of reputation management experts. They can help simplify the process for you.

Nowadays, people rely upon the Internet for details concerning businesses and also they have the tendency to believe what they read online. Negative reviews can have a damaging effect on your business or various other ventures. It is extremely important to figure out exactly how you are perceived online and also make certain it is positive.

If you have a negative reputation online you will most definitely suffer considerably in regards to having a successful business. If your online is positive people will want to associate with you and also customers will have confidence in buying from your firm. It is essential to have specialist tracking as well as monitoring of your online reputation to ensure the best feasible end result in all of your ventures.

Businesses and organizations have actually been messed up because of adverse credibility. Don’t allow this to happen to you – take appropriate steps to safeguard yourself and ensure that you operate without obstacles. Let the experts at a well established reputation firm help advise and assist you on the most effective way to maintain a great impression so you can run your business efficiently, without having to handle the tedious task of checking your track record yourself.

Whether you are attempting to reduce or get rid of harmful content from the search engines or you are trying to create and publish positive reviews or content that promotes your brand name and develops a great image for your business, a qualified team of reputation management professionals can guide you. Be sure to check out their site, then contact them to arrange a consultation.


Mike Heiligenstein Plans To Address The Needs Of Future Transportation In The Austin Area

Many discussions regarding transit in the Austin area focus on the city. However, at the recent Williamson County Growth Summit, the opportunity was taken to help address transportation challenges of the city’s suburban areas.



The panel at this summit included the likes of RideScout LLC Founder Joseph Kopser, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, Uber Technologies’ Leandre Johns, and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s (CTRMA) Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. The panelists’ discussion focused mainly on how technology is changed the transportation industry in not only the Austin area, but around the world.



Executive Director of the CTRMA Mike Heiligenstein noted that while technologies could certainly transform transportation’s infrastructure, he believes the Austin area still needs to address the immediate issue of transportation by investing in capacity by building more roads. He believes that the only way to address the mobility demands of the ever-growing Austin area population is to address transportation issues where the growth is happening most, Austin suburbs.



Mayor of Round Rock Alan McGraw asked the panel what they thought the county needed to do to prepare for the transportation needs of the future. In response, ArgoDesign’s Ficklin stated that policymakers must keep in mind that building and land codes must remain flexible to meet the needs of the future. For an example, he stated that the autonomous vehicles of the future will need parking garages that only need to be five feet tall per level, with charging stations on each level. Those details certainly don’t fit into any current building code, so future flexibility is necessary.



While Heiligenstein knows they cannot ignore the possibilities of the future, he claims they must first address the issues that are affecting transportation now. Williamson County must improve their capacity for roads and buses, especially since Austin’s rate of growth will essentially negate efforts for improvement because of the naturally increased use of mass transit.



Mike Heiligenstein has had a successful career developing the infrastructure of Central Texas as the CTRMA’s Executive Director. The CTRMA is a government agency that was founded in 2002 to help create a regional transportation network for Central Texas.



He has been a representative of Central Texas’ fastest growing area by being an elected official in Williamson County for over twenty years. Heiligenstein has helped lead efforts to expand wastewater, transportation, and water infrastructure. He has chaired the Clean Air Force of Texas and served on the regional MPO.

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Capital Group And Samsung Asset Management Partners To Enhance Their Business Objectives

Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management (SAM) has embarked on achieving its goal of becoming one of the top three homegrown asset management firms in Asia by 2020. To this end, the company, whose AUM is $166 billion, has partnered with Capital Group, whose AUM is $1.4 trillion. The two companies seek to create active investment strategies for both retail and institutional investors in Korea.

Under the announced partnership, Capital Group will help the Korea’s top manager to enhance its active investment capabilities and assist in developing asset allocation products and retirement solutions. The partnership aims to familiarize SAM with “Capital-style active management” and provide management insights on various areas like client management and business management.

Capital Group’s chairman, Timothy Armour, said that the bigger plan of the collaboration is to co-design and deliver investment solutions that will meet retirement, savings and insurance-related needs of investors in Korea. SAM’s CEO Sung-hoon Koo asserted that the partnership would give his company a platform to improve its active equity investment capability as well as develop long-term strategies for asset allocation products.

Commenting on revenue distribution between the two partners, Samsung spokesman and Capital’s head of global media relations, Tom Joyce, said they are yet to work on the economics of the partnership. He pointed out that it was too early to tell the pricing and structure of the economics.

The partnership will see Samsung Asset Management Company select and use products and services of Capital Group across its numerous distribution channels. When asked whether it was Capital Group’s first time involvement in such partnership, Tom explained the mutual interest to learn about Capital’s system and investing strategies, as well as how SAM promotes and supplies products to the Korean market.

According to eVestment, a data provider, Capital Group registered approximately $275 million in AUM, which is run on behalf of Korean investors.


About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group as well as the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, an affiliation of Capital Group. Armour also chairs the company’s committee. He has a deep background in equity portfolio management considering that he has spent over three decades working in the same area under Capital Group.

Timothy Armour started his career as a participant in the Capital’s Associates Program. Later, he worked as an equity investment analyst. Tim was in charge of global telecommunications and United States’ service companies. He is an alumnus of the Middlebury College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.


The Leading Wine Companies in the UK

The United Kingdom is popular for its wine production. It has over 500 vineyards which cover 4,500 acres where sparkling, and still, wines are produced. Some of the best wine companies in the United Kingdom include the following:

• Astley: This is one of the UK Vintners commercial vineyards. Astley is committed to the production of wine of high quality. It uses the best modern vineyard methods. Astley was established in 1983. It has won awards each year. All wines produced by Astley are Quality Wine Status. The vineyard grows grape varieties such as Bacchus, Kerner, Angevine, siegerrebe, and Madeleine. The wine styles that are produced by Astley include the Sparkling white, Still Rose, and the Late Harvest White.

• Bluebell Vineyard Estates: This is located at Furners Green, Sussex near Bluebell Railway, and the Historic Sheffield Park. Bluebell Vineyard Estates was established in 2005. It is a multi-award winning winery and vineyard. It is one of the top UK Vintners. Its specialty is in producing English sparkling wines. Bluebell uses the classic champagne grape types such as the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, and Pinot Meunier.

The Methode Traditionelle is used in hand-crafting Bluebell’s sparkling wines. Bluebell has received more than 40 international and national awards since its first release on 2007. Bluebell is led by Kevin Sutherland who is one of the best winemakers in the UK. The grape varieties used by Bluebell include the Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Seyval Blanc, among others. Some of the wines produced by Bluebell include Hindleap Brut Rose, Hindleap Blanc de Blancs, Hindleap Classic Cuvee, and others.

• Bolney Wine Estate: It was established in 1972 and has grown from 3 acres of Muller-Thurgau to 39 acres. It is rated as one of the top UK Vintners and practices the old tradition of making wine introduced by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. Bolney uses grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, White-Bacchus, and Chardonnay. It produces wines such as Still Dry White, Sparkling White, Still Rose, Sparkling Rose, Still Red, and Sparkling Red.

• Camel Valley: It is located on the sunny sloped near the River Camel. UK Vintners combines the modern practices of producing wine with the traditional vineyard practices. It is the first of the UK Vintners to receive the PDO status. It uses grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Seyval Blanc, Dornfelder, Rondo, and Reichensteiner. The wines produced by Camel Valley include the Still and sparkling white, red, and Rose.

Martin Lustgarten Industry Leader

There are a lot of people in the financial planning industry who are only looking out for themselves. However, Martin Lustgarten has proven that he truly cares about customers. All of the people who go to him are happy with the service that he provides. In the coming years, he wants to expand his business greatly. He has worked hard to get where he is today, and a lot of people look up to his success in the industry. Over the long term, Martin Lustgarten has proven that he knows what he is doing in the world of personal finance.

Martin Lustgarten

When he was in school, Martin Lustgarten found his love for finance. He quickly worked to graduate so that he could get into the field and start his own business. There are a lot of people today who are excited about all of the changes that are happening in industry. If you want to invest in your own business, Martin Lustgarten is the person to follow. He has worked with a lot of people in this area, and they are all excited about what he has planned for the future. One of the things that makes Martin Lustgarten is the fact that he is always looking out for his customers. He always wants them to have a great experience and to reach their financial goals.


One of the biggest issues that people struggle with today is debt. If you want to invest in your future, you need to try and reduce your levels of debt as much as possible. Over time, this is something that you can use in order to drive results in your personal life. Reducing your debt will increase your cash flow, and you will have less stress in your life as well. Martin Lustgarten is always wanting to help his customers in this area.

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Sulfates & Haircare: What You Need To Know

The Haircare Industry is one of the biggest and most popular industries in the world. The field literally has thousands of products from hundreds of different brands. Having this many brands of choice can leave you frustrated on which product best fits your need. One thing that these products have in common is these chemical induced formulas and how it’s damaging your hair health. Products such as Pantene, Aveda, L’Oréal, Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders, and more all have sulfates in them. These sulfates are detrimental to good hair health by giving you flakes, itchy scalp, dandruff, or even hair loss.

These sulfate infused products are very powerful as well which can cause extreme conditions of these cases. Even shampoo has sulfates/parabens in them and the thick lather that’s formed is actually a chemical reaction. That’s why washing your hair too much is a bad thing. Over washing strips the scalp of moisture and natural oils leaving you with dry brittle hair. Add in the sulfates and you’ll certainly enhance the bad effects with long term use. One of the best ways for eliminating these issues is by using gentle products that are easy on the scalp. Fortunately there’s hope in the form of a revolutionary new formula. Wen hair by Chaz is the product line of choice and it gives you the benefits of moisture, strength, and added shine.

This organic formula is much more healthier than the alternatives and can be used daily without any of the nasty side effects and build-up. WEN by Chaz offers you kits, deluxe kits, pomades, gel, mousse, crème, and sprays to take care of all your hair care needs. As of today the brand has sold over $40 Million units of these extraordinary products. WEN by Chaz is the way to good for complete and safe hair care needs. Wen hair care products are Sephora available and can also be purchase online thru:

For more information, visit Wen hair care’s social media pages on either Twitter or CrunchBase.

Dick DeVos Shares His Success In Philanthropy And Charity

Dick DeVos is a Michigan entrepreneur and businessman. His was father was Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway. Dick was always involved in the family business, even as a young child. After graduating from high school, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Northwood University in business administration. He has since received honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Grove City College. He began his career working at Amway in 1974, where he worked in numerous divisions. In 1984, he had worked his way up the ladder to become the company’s Vice President, where he worked to triple foreign sales. He became President of the company in 1993, to take the place of his father. As President, he expanded the company’s operations to more than 50 countries.



Dick and his family acquired the NBA team, Orlando Magic in 1991, becoming its President and CEO. He left that position when he became the President of Amway. He retired as President of Alticor in 2002. Alticor was created by the corporate restructuring of Amway, making it a subsidiary of Alticor, in 2000. After leaving Alticor, he became the President of The Windquest Group, an investment management firm. This firm became well known for its venture, named “The Green Machine.” This venture converted waste heat into electricity. Produced by the ElectraTherm Company, The Green Machine would be a viable and competitive product, putting The Windquest Group.



Dick Devos has many ventures outside of his businesses. He was elected to the Michigan State Board of Education and was appointed to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control by Governor John Engler. Alongside his wife, Dick sat as a chair of the Education Freedom Fund, providing private scholarships to underprivileged families in Michigan. He was also the co-chairman of the “Kids First! Kids!” campaign, which sponsored the initiative to amend the state’s constitution which would allow vouchers for private education.



As an active philanthropist, Dick Devos is the President of the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation, which donates money to charitable organizations to help artistic, religious, community, and educational programs. In 2010, he founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the very first aviation public charter high school in the country. He and his wife have donated millions of dollars to organizations like the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, where it was renamed the Devos Institute of Arts Management. His foundation has also donated money to organizations that promote free-market economics. The Heritage Foundation, the Hudson Institute, and the Grand Rapids-based Acton Institute have been among the many to receive contributions.