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NewsWatch has been actively helping in the community through collaborations and result initiatives. SteelSeries reported that they started working with NewsWatch five years ago (2013) and found a great relationship between the corporations for Surface Mount Technology Process, SMT process, and the importance of Public Relations, PR. NewsWatch understands the importance of a consumer first initiative and It was fluent and easy to work together. There was an awesome redistribution of the collaboration through other networks such as social media pages and press interviews. Support from NewsWatch created efficient results and success stories in Steel Series Productions.

NewsWatch is a clean professional and community friendly new network that delivers the latest helpful tools to make life easier faster and more vigilant. They partner with companies like Scripps Howard News Service, National Institute for Automated Services to assure information is accurate. Education content is shared continuously on gas, electronic devices, financial education and more to keep consumers in the know. Just five days ago they released the Washington, DC top places to visit: National Mall, Washington Monuments, and Municipal Fish Market. I really enjoy the music and professionalism of the news reporter NewsWatch chooses. Not only are they professional but they are entertaining and explain things for the consumer, not the marketer. The reporters made you want to visit Washington, DC as they filmed live in the areas discussed. Getting insider tips on how to save money, save time, and build your health are made entertaining. The character of NewsWatch allows you to form your own opinion about the information distributed without the fluff and elevated SEO marketing schemes. They explain in a way that everyone can understand and encourage interaction and branch out by giving the source and contact information of the product or content provided at the end of the report.