The Mighty Fortress Church Is Built On God’s Promise

Soul stirring messages, good gospel singing, souls are saved and brought to Christ through the dynamic preaching and teaching of Dr. Thomas R. Williams of The Mighty Fortress International Church. Located in Minneapolis, MN, Mighty Fortress International Ministries was founded by the Senior Pastor, Dr. Williams. There, the Word of God is forever present, and the congregation is taught about the plan that God has for their lives. The preaching and teaching of Dr. Williams informs all listeners of how their lives can be changed but obedience, and trust in the Word of the Creator. Visit to know more.

Dr. Williams renders powerful messages like the one titled, I’m Coming Out of what I’m In. this profound word had hands being raised in praise, and tears of joy flowing throughout the large congregation. People were surrendering themselves to Christ in massive numbers. Songs of praise were sung in reverence to God by the sensational choir that rejoiced in the spirit. The Pastor offers the Word of God to all in attendance, and assures them that only God can help them out of any undesirable situation. His prayers of comfort soothed aching hearts, and those who were distraught, sickly, or financially stressed. He tells of how God can give you the desires of your heart, but if you are not listening, it will not happen.


God speaks to everyone, but the key to salvation, and having what God promises is to hear when He speaks, and do what thus saith the Lord. The answer to problems could be right in your face, but if you are not in the Word of god, you will miss it every time. The devil is here in all aspects of life, and his job is to steal your faith. It takes strong determination, and even stronger faith to fight the devil. with the Word of God as your weapon, the fight will be much easier. The Mighty Fortress Church is built on the premises of Purpose, Promise, and Destiny. Being a part of the Body of Christ, Dr. Thomas Williams wants to bring every soul into the fold. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress Church Presents a Great Easter Sunday Service

One of the great moments for Christians to celebrate the risen King is just around the corner, Easter season. This is the reason why Mighty Fortress Church is inviting every individual to be part of their Easter Sunday Service that will commence at 11 a.m. on April 1. The family-friendly Resurrection Sunday service will be held at the renowned Mighty Fortress International Ministries, and there will be various festivities after that. The program will include great performances by the Children’s Ministry, the Bishop’s Choir and follow with the preaching of God’s word. Interesting to note, adults will be provided with refreshments during the celebration especially before and after the worship sessions. Young ones between the ages of three and 12 will engage in an Easter egg hunt session after the service where the winners will be awarded prizes. Visit to know more.

If you are looking for a church where you will call home, Mighty Fortress Church International Ministries is the place for you! This is because the church is encompassed with an atmosphere that is welcoming, loving, forgiving, worshipful, and sensitive to people’s needs. A moment at the church will have you experiencing God’s great, never-ending, and overwhelming love. You will also be endowed with God’s word and presence that will come handy in enriching your life. The church upholds the come-as-you-are atmosphere which is geared towards ensuring that every individual feels at home away from home. For more information regarding Mighty Fortress International Ministries Easter Sunday service, go here.


Mighty Fortress International Ministries is geared to the ideologies of building and creating a platform where many individuals get to know about God and the impact of His presence in their lives. The church hopes to build a church in the northern parts of Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. The church also strives to ensure that they practice the principles taught by Christ to help one lead a victorious and purposeful life. If you are a believer and looking for a worship center that will provide you with a growing atmosphere to grow your faith in Christ, Mighty Fortress International Ministries is where you belong! This is because the teachings provided ensure that your destiny, purpose in life, and promises come into manifestation.

Mighty Fortress International Ministries is located at the heart of Minneapolis. You can connect with the church via Facebook where you can follow their service. Also, you can contact them on 763-535-9096 where you will be directed and provided with more information. Watch this video on Youtube.