Bridget Scarr, Executive Producer at Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is a seasoned writer and a very creative producer who is talented in the creation of engaging content that has an audience across different platforms. The projects that she has worked on cover a wide range from digital material all the way to exhibitions. She has a gift that allows her to come up with content that will capture both the emotions as well as the intellectual capability of her audience, enabling her projects to grow to be internationally recognized.

Bridget has worked as a producer for the last one and a half decades, overseeing the production of animations, television shows as well as adverts. Starting out her career, Bridget worked as a TV producer where her role was to bring people’s ideas into life. Somewhere along the journey, a thought struck her that she should set out on a tour of her own where she could bring all production ideas all under one roof. This theory is where the concept of Colibri Studios was born, and she was able to integrate different aspects of production to come under one umbrella, thus bringing her dream to life.

Currently, she works as an executive producer at Colibri Studios where she has the task of ensuring that all the production processes run smoothly, ending in a perfectly crafted production that is bound to capture the attention of the targeted audience.

Most of her work at Colibri Studios revolves around interacting with different broadcasters to agree on key areas of production as well as helping raw talent come to life as part of her daily development programs. Through this collaboration as well as nurturing new skills, she can bring more and more projects to life.

Given the amount of energy required in her daily tasks, Bridget starts off her day with some meditation which helps her clear her mind and ready her for the jobs that lie ahead. After a light breakfast with her loved ones, she will leave for work, and during the commute, she will think of how she can get all the tasks completed at the office by the end of the day. It is imperative that Bridget avoids distractions such as phone calls when coming up with a plan to ensure that her strategy will be highly effective. She gives adequate time to her family in between her work schedule.

Bridget makes a point to nurture her creative spirit alongside practicing meditation to ensure that her entrepreneurial spirit is kept alive. For those seeking to set out on a journey of their own, Bridget assures them that the way to get there is to get rid of fear and to trust in their abilities. Seeing how far she has come is a testament that her approach works.


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