Tammy Mazzocco: Giving People the Gift of a Perfect Home in Ohio

Last year, the state of Ohio witnessed a tremendous growth in the real estate industry. It was said to be real estate’s busiest year since 2005. What sets Ohio’s real estate apart from other states was the fact that it managed to stay afloat and keep sales up despite one of the most severe winters the country experienced.

According to reports, sales in the real estate business went up by a whopping seven percent as compared to sales in 2015. Recently, the state of Ohio has been experiencing an increase in demand for housing properties. The increase in sales would be owed to the real estate industry trying to fulfill every single customer’s needs, in spite of the scarcity of homes.

In light of this, buyers are constantly on the prowl to find new listings which they can grab at the first opportunity they get. In such times, having a good real estate agent can be one of the most useful things. A good real estate agent will try their best to give you the best property you deserve.

Tammy Mazzocco has been in the business of real estate for quite some time. Her immense knowledge and excellent skill and proficiency in giving clients exactly what they want have led her to become one of the leading real estate agents in Ohio, making Tammy the perfect candidate for people looking out for a home in this tight home market, especially in the Franklin, Licking, Delaware and Fairfield areas.

Tammy Mazzocco views her clients’ investments just as she would view her own. She believes in providing the client with a service they will be satisfied with. She strives to put her clients first and aims to understand each of them in order to provide them with the best properties tailored to them. Countless people in the state of Ohio have managed to find their perfect place to call home, and have only Tammy to thank for that.

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George Soros Choose to Invest in Gold Over Stocks

Billionaire George Soros reduced his firm’s investments in the US stocks by more than a third in the first quarter. Soros placed a bet against the equities and banked on gold. The value of Soros company was publicly disclosed holdings did drop by 37% to 3.5 billion at the end of March according to the government filing. Soros Fund Management also confirmed that they owned bearish options contract on 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 ETF Trust. It is an exchange-trade fund on https://twitter.com/georgesoros, and that tracks shareholders and poor’s 500 Index, with a face value of four hundred and thirty-one million dollars as of March 31st, 2016.

George Soros firm also bought bullish option contracts on 1.05 million shares in the SPDR Gold Trust. The company tracks the price of bullion. The fund bought did also take a significant stake in the world’s biggest producer of the metal; Barrick Gold Corp. The stake that Soros company took was worth $264 million at the end of March as the filing showed. George Soros further acquired 1.7 percent of Barrick thus making it the biggest listed holding the US.

Soros has built his fortune through the knowledge market wager. He has many times before warned of risks stemming from China. George Soros previously said that China economy is fueled by debts, and it resembles that of the United States in 2007 and 2008 when the financial crisis.

Soros has predicted that the Asian crisis is unavoidable, and a hard landing is eminent. George Soros has also warned that a such a slump would make the global crisis worse and would drag down stocks.

Gold upped 16 percent in the first three months of the year 2016, and it is the biggest quarterly surge since 1986.
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Soros firm manages only his wealth this is after he gave all other investors their money. Soros did sell level 3 Communication Inc. stake worth $173 million as of December 31st. He also sold Dow Chemical Co. worth $161 million. The firm did also rid its stake in Endo International Plc and Delta Air Line Inc.

Soros migrated from Hungary to England in 1947. He attended London School of Economics in 1952. His career begun in a London bank and started working at an entry level. George Soros later migrated to the United States, in 1956. He held analysis and investment management positions in different firms between 1956 to 1973.

Soros later founded his hedge fund company, Soros Fund Management. George Soros is however famously known for risking 10 billion dollars to speculation.