Set The Stage And Control Each Light From A Tablet With Gooee LEDs

LED lighting have replaced other types of bulbs on the marketplace due to their energy efficiency. It is actually much harder to find an incandescent bulb in the store today because they are deemed not efficient enough. LED bulbs are more expensive outright but they do save the average home owner hundreds of dollars in energy bill savings over the course of a year. Switching the entire home to LED lights can really pack a big punch in energy bill savings over time, especially because many LEDS do not have to be replaced for years at a time.

If thinking about choosing LED lights for the entire home, it may be worth it to replace all the bulbs with Gooee WiFi and bluetooth enabled LED bulbs. When switching to these kind of bulbs, it actually enables the entire home to be remotely controlled via a tablet, laptop, smart phone or even smart watch. The dimness, strength, on and off features, and even the colors of the lights can all be controlled by a panel on a smart device.

Imagine being able to create a symphony of light in the living room by being able to control the brightness and warmth of the overhead lights, the table lamps, the floor lamps, and the sconces all by moving levers on a touch screen panel from the couch, now that is an impressive way to set the stage for the evening.