Cotemar’s Business Explained

As Cotemar, we have been in the business of providing PetroleosMexicanos (Pemex) with services for close to three decades now. In the oil industry we are an authority in the provision of services. We also have a stronghold in the gas sector. All or services are certified by the authorities and endorsed by the great reviews we get from our clients. Due to the ever changing dynamics in this industry, we are always improving so as to retain our competitive edge. The services clients get from us are summarized into these general categories: construction, catering, engineering, maritime support, accommodation, modernization.



Employees Satisfaction



Working for Cotemar is a plus as we are keen on growing the employees’ career wise. The opportunities we present before the employees help them to grow holistically. The training workshop set aside for the employees are determined to help them hone their skills in the area of their specialization. Safety is of primacy in the training opportunities we offer our employees.



Catering and Accommodation



Cotemar also offers accommodation and catering on the rigs that it operates. All the vessels we run equally have these services. In each of the cabins, customers will get laundry services and cleaning services coupled with nourishment. These cabins can hold 2 individuals for the small ones and up to 5 individuals for the bigger ones. The recreation area has a basketball court on which people can enjoy the game. There is also a television room and a cinema for clients to get entertained. The gymnasium in the rig and vessels also ensures that clients can still keep fit. We are able to cater to about 4000 people comfortably, offering them foods and drinks and ample space to interact and enjoy.



Additional Services



We offer clients specialized maritime services and support. Since our vessels are operated with the aid of satellite linked machines, we are in a position to provide offshore maintenance. We also offer transportation of lightweight materials and personnel. The specialized services we offer include: transportation and firefighting. When it comes to construction and maintenance, we have such services as derricks to help in lifting and moving heavy loads.

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