Norman Pattiz’s Podcasts Are Helping Brands

The brands that are advertising on PodcastOne are getting the most recognition and they have actually begun to see major improvements that are able to rival those that have been with the Internet radio companies for several years.

It is something that the company has worked hard to make a reality and something that Norman Pattiz has done to help other people get exactly what they need. For PodcastOne, advertising is important because it is where they are able to make most of their money since they provide a service that is, essentially, free. It helps them to make sure that they can continue running podcasts.

Some of the advertisers had questioned how effective the podcasts were at getting information out there and Norman Pattiz dove into a study that would tell him what results were coming from the different commercials and advertisements that were on each of the podcasts.

It was something that helped him to make sure that he was providing people with the opportunities that they needed and the options that would help them to get better with their advertisements. Norman Pattiz wanted to show advertisers that listeners were buying the products being offered to them.

After the study was done, it revealed that buying was up by over 50% in all of the advertisements that had played during podcasts. Pattiz had found the right way to target people and had chosen the right audience to make sure that everyone was listening in. It helped them to make sure that they were doing everything that they could and that they were going to find the products that would work well for them.

It was also something that made it easier for each of the people to get what they wanted so that they would be able to make the right choices with their experiences.

PodcastOne is now performing better than ever. Since more people are aware of the things that they can get from it and businesses are doing what they can to advertise, it has seen huge surges in the people who are listening to the podcasts.

While many may think that podcasts are on the decline, that is far from the case. They are actually getting better and making it easier for people to listen. Norman Pattiz is planning on huge successes for PodcastOne with all of the shows that are currently playing on it.