OSI Group Now Is Joined With Turi Foods

OSI Group has been steadily growing its holdings for over 40 years since its Chairman Sheldon Lavin first announced it would be moving into Europe in 1978. It’s had a presence in Australia for quite some time as well, and just this year it announced it was now joining Turi Foods to create a new joint venture. Turi Foods has produced much of the same meat products in beef and poultry that OSI has in their portfolio, and with both companies greatly valuing grassroots level business operation, the new alliance has been deemed a perfect fit for the two companies. The new joint venture will be known as Turosi and will combine both companies’ food specialties.

OSI Group owns several farm subsidiaries throughout the US and is a partner of several international food wholesale companies. It generates over $6 billion in annual revenue and it’s been meeting the demands of different customer markets with both customized prepared foods and raw meats for many years as well. OSI is actually also one of the longest running companies that began all the way back in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky immigrated from Germany to the Chicago area and decided to go into the meat market business. His shop that he setup was originally named Otto & Sons, a name it would hold as his sons gradually took over the business. The first major deal this locally-owned meat market store would make was with one of today’s most popular restaurant chains, McDonald’s. The restaurant chain was very small at that time, but then CEO Ray Kroc wanted Otto & Sons to become a part of his planned expansion.

The Kolschowsky’s would later rename Otto & Sons to OSI Group as they began to formulate a growth strategy to match McDonald’s. A former investment banker turned financial consultant named Sheldon Lavin was brought on as an advisor at first to help the company acquire bank loans, but as he got more involved with them he was elevated to partner and started building their holdings to places overseas. Lavin also brought along a young man who was raised on a farm but became adept at business who started out as an intern but would eventually work his way up the management chain to become a partner of Lavin’s and currently serve as Chief Operating Officer and president. That man is David McDonald who has been key in several recent acquisitions in Baho Food and a former Tyson plant. Today, OSI Group is ranked number 10 in the Top 50 Meat Processing Companies.