Paul Mampilly Made An Appearance On A Podcast To Share His Knowledge

Paul Mampilly is someone who got into the financial world right out of college, and he has gained a lot of knowledge through the work that he has done through the years. He was chosen to be a part of a podcast because he is someone who is knowledgeable. Eric Dye chose to interview him and let him influence those who were listening to the podcast that he was part of, and everything worked out well. The podcast focused on the way that the stock market is different today than how it used to be. Visit to know more.

During the podcast in which he was interviewed, Paul Mampilly shared some of the people he admires. He gave those who were listening the chance to get to know him a little better and he helped to point them toward different people who they could look up to, beyond him. He also shared about some of the mistakes that people make when they are making trades for the first time. He helped those who were listening to the podcast to gain knowledge through all that he shared.


Paul Mampilly is someone who shares his knowledge with anyone who is interested, and he has as website set up that allows people to read articles that he has written. Those who are interested in the work that he is doing and the knowledge that he has to share can learn through the free articles that he has made available. He is helpful to those who are interested in the financial world, and helps people out even when he is not getting anything in return.

Writing is something that Paul Mampilly does well, and he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He creates newsletters there that help people who are doing investing work. He is always looking for new ways of getting information out there to those people who he feels could benefit from the knowledge of someone like him. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.