How A Future Vision Made A Dream A Reality

Talk Fusion is the result of future focused vision and a steady and deliberate course of action to make what was considered impossible, possible. Bob Reina started the company as a result of wanting to send a video to friends through an email. He was told that this was impossible. After consulting with a friend in the technology field, it was determined that this could be done.

Soon after Talk Fusion was born. That was in 2007. Since that time the company continues to grow and change not only the way that we communicate, but also the way that we conduct business. It is possible to see distributors and clients on the other side of the world with any device that has internet capability.

The best part is that no special software is needed to use it. Users also do not have to go through any lengthy downloads or have special high end devices. Talk Fusion can be used in tablets, computers, and even cell phones.

This technology allows users to have the competitive advantage that will help them excel in business and personal endeavors. Holding live conferences has never been easier, and this technology allows up to 500 viewers at one time.

Reina is a totally unassuming CEO and founder. He commenced his professional career in the police department. He attended the University of Southern Florida, and spent much time advocating for animal rights.

A dedicated individual who accomplishes what he sets out to do, he is well respected by his peers.

His excellent sense of humor has been attributed to his ability to overcome obstacles. Talk Fusion was born out of a need and has grown into a multi-million dollar business.

Reina has brought his dream to life. He continues to strive to meet the future head on and to bring newer and better innovations to the communications sector. His staff works tirelessly to continue to offer the best connections and the best prices for their products.