Who Is Malcom CasSelle, CIO, Of Wax?

Game Skins & The Combination Of Cryptocurrency

Not only is he the founder of OPSkins, he’s also the top bitcoin merchant in the world, CIO, Malcolm CasSelle, continues to focus on virtual assets. His popular, OPSkins Group, the leaders in in-game virtual assets. His network helps individuals who make small micro payments. He has been able to provide a decentralized protocol for the gaming industry and other cryptocurrency merchants. CasSelle says, he would like to eliminate the limitations on virtual assets created by a centralized network.

Who Is The Wax Group?

The World Access eXchange (WAX), is a P2P platform for the trading of virtual assets. They’re a new virtual assets trading forum. Their network allows you to effectively trade with other users using the WAX platform. Their network is perfect for your cross-border micro payments. Your guarantee is decentralization and smart contracts with their network. The blockchain helps the buyers and the sellers. The WAX, platform has been able to eliminate fragmentation and fraud. Use a simple web enabled widget to simataneuosly pay for virtual services without ever leaving your game. Buy and sell items without ever clicking off of your game. They’re the equivalent of Amazon for in-game sells.

WAX, Unites A Fragmented Virtual Asset Market

A Wax token allows you to buy and sell with a no fuss platform. They eliminate fraud in trading virtual assets in Esports. Enjoy a fast, effective, decentralized algorithm over the DPOS network. You won’t have to use a middle man for your cryptocurrency. In fact, WAX, is recognized as a superior global marketplace for virtual trading, buying, and selling. Enjoy an optimal trading user experience over the WAX platform says, Malcolm CasSelle. If you’re interested in learning more about CasSelle or, the WAX, network by visiting their official website.