Reasons To Work With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a US based company which deals with wine making. The company started in 2001 with the mission of providing the best quality wines categorized under three varieties – white, red and sweet and fizzy. The company boasts of having more than 1000 wine guides in over 40 states.

Working Model of the company

The company’s working model is as follows. The person who wants to join the company as a wine guide has to pay a registration fee to avail its services. The company provides the person with a start-up kit comprising of brochures, carry bags, marketing materials, order forms, educational cards and two wine kits for hosting two parties. If the person manages to make a transaction of about $150 in the party or get three orders, he will be appreciated by the company with $75 that is applicable to the next tasting set.

Ways of making money

The company has devised efficient incentive schemes for its officials to make some money. In addition to them, there are 4 ways which can be used to make money with the company. They are online sales, home tasting parties, building a team by company promotion and monthly sales from the wine club.


Benefits of working with the company

The first and foremost benefit is that there will be virtually no downfall in the business. All Americans love wine and therefore one can be guaranteed of no losses incurred. The money making procedure is easy and there is no pressure in the business. One also has the option of working from home. The startup cost of doing business with this reputable company is low. These advantages turn several heads towards the company’s business.

The company site is filled with positive feedbacks where people have exclaimed that the company is more like a family to them. They do not require much of an experience beforehand and they wish to refer to their relatives regarding the company. They were also glad by the option of making so much money from home. Looking into the details of the company services, one will be able to take an intelligent decision about getting associated with the company Traveling Vineyard.

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The Leading Wine Companies in the UK

The United Kingdom is popular for its wine production. It has over 500 vineyards which cover 4,500 acres where sparkling, and still, wines are produced. Some of the best wine companies in the United Kingdom include the following:

• Astley: This is one of the UK Vintners commercial vineyards. Astley is committed to the production of wine of high quality. It uses the best modern vineyard methods. Astley was established in 1983. It has won awards each year. All wines produced by Astley are Quality Wine Status. The vineyard grows grape varieties such as Bacchus, Kerner, Angevine, siegerrebe, and Madeleine. The wine styles that are produced by Astley include the Sparkling white, Still Rose, and the Late Harvest White.

• Bluebell Vineyard Estates: This is located at Furners Green, Sussex near Bluebell Railway, and the Historic Sheffield Park. Bluebell Vineyard Estates was established in 2005. It is a multi-award winning winery and vineyard. It is one of the top UK Vintners. Its specialty is in producing English sparkling wines. Bluebell uses the classic champagne grape types such as the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, and Pinot Meunier.

The Methode Traditionelle is used in hand-crafting Bluebell’s sparkling wines. Bluebell has received more than 40 international and national awards since its first release on 2007. Bluebell is led by Kevin Sutherland who is one of the best winemakers in the UK. The grape varieties used by Bluebell include the Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Seyval Blanc, among others. Some of the wines produced by Bluebell include Hindleap Brut Rose, Hindleap Blanc de Blancs, Hindleap Classic Cuvee, and others.

• Bolney Wine Estate: It was established in 1972 and has grown from 3 acres of Muller-Thurgau to 39 acres. It is rated as one of the top UK Vintners and practices the old tradition of making wine introduced by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. Bolney uses grape varieties such as Pinot Gris, White-Bacchus, and Chardonnay. It produces wines such as Still Dry White, Sparkling White, Still Rose, Sparkling Rose, Still Red, and Sparkling Red.

• Camel Valley: It is located on the sunny sloped near the River Camel. UK Vintners combines the modern practices of producing wine with the traditional vineyard practices. It is the first of the UK Vintners to receive the PDO status. It uses grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Seyval Blanc, Dornfelder, Rondo, and Reichensteiner. The wines produced by Camel Valley include the Still and sparkling white, red, and Rose.