The Reasons Officers Trust Securus Technologies

When I show up for work at the prison, me and my fellow corrections officers are always looking for ways to make the work environment safer. It would only take a second for an inmate who was high or had a weapon hidden on their person to make serious trouble for me, my officers, my staff, the visitors, and other inmates. To try and keep the peace inside the jail, we have to trust in a few resources that allow us to do our jobs more effectively.


Perhaps one of the biggest concerns we have as corrections officers is the inmates getting their hands on contraband and then using it to put them at the advantage. The inmates already outnumber officers inside the prison, so it is critical that we do not allow this to occur. Despite our searches and scans, these inmates continually will frustrate us by saying they have an easier time getting these things on the inside than they ever did while they roamed the streets.


The most effective resource that we recently added to our arsenal was the Securus Technologies call monitoring system. The system monitors when the inmates are using the prison phone, and the LBS software allows us to be able to be doing other things while it detects any chatter from the inmates on contraband.


Securus Technologies has already been working in 2,600 prison systems, and the company CEO and thousand employees work towards their goal of making this world safer. CEO Richard Smith has given us a resource that has been key in allowing us to make this facility safer for all who are behind these walls. If we get an alert an inmate is talking about contraband, we now have the ability to take proactive measures and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Talos Energy Partners with Premier in Offshore Drilling

History has been made for the first time in Mexico. The Mexican waters have taken a new direction by sinking a new offshore well that deals in oil. With that being the current economic drive in the country, foreign competitors have delved into the Mexican energy market. The partnership of Premier Oil Plc and Talos Energy LLC dates back to May 21st when a press statement was issued by the management.


Premier issued a statement in regards to the partnership and the project. As the first offshore project focused on exploring oil mining, the business launched a monopolized project since the establishment of Petroleos Mexicanos. History points to 1938 when Petroleos Mexicanos was launched. According to the project, the economic viability is on the higher side given that Zama-1 well in Tabasco has a capacity of approximately 100 million barrels. The drilling process is set to take approximately 90 days with a total of $ 16 million as the damage. Having won the prospect rights of the project in 2015, the three companies pitched the project after a vigorous vetting by Mexican investment panels. The first round of vetting and bidding earned the companies a huge market niche.


According to Edison Investment Research, this is the first non-Pemex project that involves the drilling of oil in Mexican waters. This is also a leading project that will be constructive in building the economy of the state. As a project that will reconstruct the drilling industry, it is set to yield maximum positive results. In a note that addressed clients, Edison added that the structural alignment of the project is highly projected to be a success. Talos is relevant to the business as it owns 35% of the entire shares. Sierra owns 40% while Premier holds 25%.

Talos Energy

Talos Energy was founded in 2012. It is an oil and gas firm that engages in the extensive exploration, development as well as production of oil as well as natural gas. Operating at the heart of Mexico, the company is headed in Houston, Texas. Talos Energy prides itself in being a leading off shore explorer that utilizes advanced technology.

OSI Group: A World leader in the Food Industry

OSI Group is an American food processing company. More specifically, they are a meat processing company for retail and food service industries. Formerly, they were known as OSI Industries. In 2004, They changed their name to OSI Group.

OSI Group’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Although they are an American company, they have more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, which are located not only in North America, but in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of the USA OSI plants are located in Geneva and West Chicago, Illinois, as well as Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Riverside, California.

OSI Group’s products include meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, beef, pork and chicken. The products they offer can be used for both breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as entrées, snacks and desserts.

OSI Group’s history goes back over 100 years. It was founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. At that time, it was only a small butcher shop in Chicago called Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons was known for having been the first meat supplier for McDonald’s. In 1955, when McDonald’s opened its first store in Des Plaines, Illinois, they chose Otto & Sons as their supplier of fresh beef patties. Soon supplying beef to local McDonald’s restaurants became their main business. Since then, OSI has grown into a large company that has over 65 locations and partners around the world.

Over the years, the OSI Group facilities have received many awards, such as awards for management of health and safety risks, as well as environmental management.

As a new addition, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe supplies frozen poultry and pies, as well as mayonnaise, sauces and dressings to the UK foodservice market. By adding Flagship, the OSI Group in Europe has been able to broaden the European products they have available.

OSI Group’s current CEO is Sheldon Lavin. During the 1970s, he was the one responsible for pushing OSI Group to grow globally. Today, he has a workforce of over 20,000 employees around the world.

5 Common Sense Investment Tips From Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is on a mission to provide comprehensive financial planning to families and small business owners in and around the Austin area. If you have ever considered investing for retirement, here are 5 common sense tips that will increase your chances of retiring with a nice nest egg.

Start Now

Most people wait too late to start investing. For best results you need to start as early as possible. The sooner you start the better off you will be in the long run. Even if you have to start small, just start!

Be Patient

It takes time for your investment to start multiplying due to the power of compound growth. So pack your patience and allow time to do the work.


This is something I am sure you have heard a million times. For best results you should focus on diversifying your portfolio. Spread your investments around in different industries and different companies.

Take Advantage Of Tax Deferred Plans

IRA’s, 401(K)s and profit sharing plans are tax deferred. Take advantage of them by investing as much as you can. Since you aren’t required to pay taxes until you retire you can afford to go all in right now. Doing so will help your money grow faster with each year that passes.

Tamper Your Expectations

Just because you start investing doesn’t mean you will hit home runs every time. There will be some investments that will under perform while others will produce great returns. The key is to learn how to tamper your expectations. Don’t expect miracles when you start investing.

Always pay close attention to the investments that under perform on a consistent basis. This way you can weed out the bad investments and focus only on the ones that will help you produce the best return on investment.

Who Is Richard Blair?

Richard Blair is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Solutions, an Austin based Registered Investment Advisory firm. When Blair founded Wealth Solutions he did so with the goal of making a positive impact on as many lives as he possibly could.

Over the years he has become known as the go to expert when it comes to financial and retirement planning. He is now focused on helping all of his clients bring their vision of a successful retirement to life.

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23 Layers Catering and Simple Tips to Throw Your Own Party

Those seeking event planning companies in NYC need to take a few things into consideration prior to booking a company for their event. Not all event planning companies are full service. If you are seeking corporate event planners in NYC make sure you utilizing a planning service that is either full service or specifically focuses on corporate events. New York City based Twenty Three Layers event planning is a full service event planning company. They can plan any corporate or office event as well as private events hosted by business in search of specific themes and weddings, birthday parties and other special events.


When you hire a event planning service you can rest assured you have just alleviated the majority of the stress that comes along with your special occasion. Event planning specialists provide culinary and beverage options, event locations, photography, decorations, transportation, entertainment and any other service your celebration may be in need of.


If you decide to throw a more low key party on your own there are a few tips that can help you stay on task and have a successful event. It is important to always stay organized. By maintaining a binder or notebook that is comprised of helpful lists you will feel more in control of your party. Keep a guest list, grocery shopping list and any important information such as food allergies all together in one notebook. This will help when managing RSVP’s and menus. By picking a theme you will be able to stay on track when decorating for the event. If you are hosting a retirement party select a color theme, if you are hosting a back yard wedding or birthday party also consider a color theme to stick to. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed when shopping for accessories and decor. If you do not wish to be a bartender for the night it is recommended to provide a few signature drinks that are premade for guests to sip while they mingle. A open bar with all provisions required also allows for guests to be their own mixologists.

Creg Secker at his Best

Trading being the very important practices that usually deal with both investing and creating trades especially on the current trend visible in the financial market worldwide. Moreover, many business people regularly favor practicing trading in order to attain more profit. Greg Secker is one of the professionals that assist those entrepreneurs who want to be prosperous and want to make more returns in the trading sector. He mostly directs them and gives them enough knowledge so they can be well informed on how to go about the trading.

Mostly a trader must have adequate information about the significant things in the trading sector and not enter into trading because of making a lot of money and one of the main things is Forex because it is an essential division of the market techniques whereby it is typically used in the trading system. Therefore it is one of the basic trading elements.

What’s more, a trader to in order to thrive they should also find that prominent trader who has already made it because they will mentor you on how to go about the trading and also will direct you on the good trading techniques hence it will make you know the right path to choose and be prosperous trader.

Having exceptional trading method and ensuring that you follow through it is another tip because it helps those traders who are upcoming to be proficiency and fitness and also the result is better. Furthermore, it will prevent you from making a bad choice hence one will be able to accomplish more income.

Lastly, a trader should always be sensible, have the determination and knowing the one’s goals these are due it enables one to keep away from challenges and also prevent loss in the trading industry. Also, ensures that when faced by problems one is able to solve and also making good budget it helps to know the amount of money that will be spent hence minimizing the risk of losing money.

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur who founded The Knowledge to Action Group in the year 20003 and he graduated from University of Nottingham with bachelors in Agricultural and Food Sciences.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, an Asset to the Broadcasting World

Grupo Televisa is among the leading media companies in Spanish speaking regions. Their content is usually distributed in the United States and Mexico. The content reaches different countries through cable operators, different television networks and other services. The market interested in this content is quite huge. Luckily, there are great leaders who are aware of how to cater to the needs of the market such as Porfirio Sanchez Galindo. Under his leadership the company has experienced great success. As long as he is around, there is so much more that can be accomplished.

Porfirio Sanchez has over twenty years’ experience in the broadcasting industry. He studied at Stanford University and received a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. Before joining Televisa, he started out as the advisor to Francisco Gil Diaz who was the finance secretary of the company at the time. Sanchez had received a job offer at the World Bank and was considering it. However, he received a call that changed the course that he was about to take. Alfonso de Angoitia, the executive vice president of Grupo Televisa asked Mr. Sanchez to join his team as it would be a great career move. He agreed and has since moved up the corporate ladder of the years. He currently works as the director general of economic analysis and special projects. He is in charge of making decisions that deal with marketing and telecommunications.

The different roles he has served over the years have made him an asset to his employers. As a former career diplomat he is aware of how things in the economic environment are run. He had no former experience as a diplomat but was able to handle the tasks given to him like a pro. He is also knowledgeable of the effect that government policies have on the corporate world due to his position as a financial advisor. Mr. Sanchez is working with other departments in the company so that as a whole they can reach greater heights. One of the projects being looked into is the YOO project. It is a marketing strategy aimed at providing clients with television, internet and telephone services at a given price.

PR Newswire Puts The Spotlight On Popular Dallas Bank

PR Newswire is a great source for keeping up with current information in the financial industry. Recently, there was a short write up about the President and CEO of a popular bank in Dallas, Texas. The article briefly discussed the recent activities of this CEO, John Holt, at the annual bankers convention that was held in New Orleans.

The convention is the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. This was the fifth annual conference and was held in November of 2016. Mr. Holt sat on a panel and discussed the topic, “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”

NexBank Capital, Inc. was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1934. It is currently the 13th largest bank in the state of Texas. The bank is also currently rating as the 200th largest bank in the United States. There are two brick and mortar branch locations in the city of Dallas. There is also a branch located in Princeton, NJ that is dedicated to college savings accounts.

The bank offers a full menu of commercial and personal banking products for their clients to choose from. The bank typically offers clients higher savings investment yields and lower mortgage rates than competing financial institutions. The bank employees qualifies staff in all areas to insure a smooth transition for any transaction.

CEO Sheldon Lavin Background

Running a major company is not easy. However, during his time as CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has done a great job in the position. During his time at the top, he has grown company to new heights. Looking at his background, it is easy to see why he is succeeding at a high level. He had to start from the bottom in order to get to where he is today. A lot of people respect the hard work that he has put into his career so far.

Early Career

Starting out in the world of business is difficult if you have no connections. After graduating from college, Sheldon Lavin decided to start working for a company in the field he was interested in. Not long after he started, he was promoted to a new position. Throughout his career, he has always moved up quickly in order to gain more experience.

No matter what the job, Sheldon Lavin always had an attitude of excellence around his work. This is one of the things that really separates him from other leaders in business world today. He truly wants to change the world through his work.

OSI Group

When he became CEO of OSI Group, there were a lot of things wrong with the company. However, he had a plan to come in and start changing things immediately. Although some of the changes were drastic, many people believe that they were necessary.

In just a few years, he has come in and completely changed the way the company is running for the better. A lot of employees love working for him because he can have fun and get things done at the same time. In the coming years, OSI Group is going to continue improving and gaining market share in the industry.

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Many Reasons To Check Out Roberto Santiago’s Mall Over Others

Every now and then, one must take a trip to the mall to upgrade his wardrobe. However, not just any mall will do. It is important to look at many factors to determine the type of mall one would go to. Fortunately, there is a mall that people could choose for a wide range of reasons. This mall is Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping mall. There are plenty of reasons to choose this mall over the other malls. Many people who go to this mall will pick this mall as the one place to go to for most of their trips.


Among the reasons that people should choose this mall is that there are tons of clothing stores. Therefore, people are going to come across many different styles of fashion. This makes it easier for people to find the type of clothes they want. While Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping has plenty of clothing stores, the mall also has plenty of different products to choose from. For one thing, it is easy to find stores that have a lot of cutting edge products that are not widely available. This includes electronics. When exploring the store, one is going to be able to enjoy all of the differences they could find.


One interesting reason that people go to malls is to find entertainment. When people go to Manaira Shopping, they will find not one, not two, more than three options for entertainment. The mall has a movie theater that offers the most advanced sound system and crystal clear images. There is also the ability to eat full meals at the theater. However, the entertainment does not stop there. One can also go to concerts at the Domus Hall or attend art events. Then there are a few arcades and gaming centers.


There are also plenty of restaurants at the food court for people to enjoy. Each restaurant makes sure that the food they serve is not only filled with flavor, but also clean and healthy for the consumer. There is also a lot of creativity put into the meals they choose for the restaurants. The good news is that for food, there are tons of options. One can choose from the many affordable fast food to the fancy gourmet foods. This is one of the best aspects of the shopping mall. The creativity and the thought that has been put into this is what brings the customers.