FreedomPop To Use WhatsApp to Succeed in the Spanish Market

FreedomPop deserves great kudos for its innovative practices. The Los Angeles budget mobile phone/data company has come up with an excellent new idea: zero-rated service for WhatsApp users.

How does that work? Basically, even if the a FreedomPop user’s data is depleted to absolute zero, the user can still access WhatsApp. No one every has to be out of the WhatsApp loop.

FreedomPop does understand that each and every market is different. In the United States and the United Kingdom, simply offering a tremendous deal on mobile service and data was more than enough to draw in scores of customers.

In Spain, a little extra work needed to be done. Tapping into the popularity of WhatsApp was necessary in order to connect better with the Spanish consumer base. Since FreedomPop does not employ a generic marketing approach in every marketing as the management of the company realizes this would not be a wise path to take.

FreedomPop, however, has not signed any specific partnership agreements with WhatsApp or its parent company Facebook. Honestly, FreedomPop doesn’t have to form a partnership just to exclude users from data charges on apps.

Spain is the prized third market FreedomPop wants to enter. The territory could prove to be a lucrative one. Since 70% of mobile customers in Spain are active with WhatsApp, it is no surprise FreedomPop wants to keep these potential customers happy.

Venture Beat has the whole story on FreedomPop’s plans in Spain. The article truly does cast light on the brilliance of the company.

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George Soros Choose to Invest in Gold Over Stocks

Billionaire George Soros reduced his firm’s investments in the US stocks by more than a third in the first quarter. Soros placed a bet against the equities and banked on gold. The value of Soros company was publicly disclosed holdings did drop by 37% to 3.5 billion at the end of March according to the government filing. Soros Fund Management also confirmed that they owned bearish options contract on 2.1 million shares of SPDR 500 ETF Trust. It is an exchange-trade fund on, and that tracks shareholders and poor’s 500 Index, with a face value of four hundred and thirty-one million dollars as of March 31st, 2016.

George Soros firm also bought bullish option contracts on 1.05 million shares in the SPDR Gold Trust. The company tracks the price of bullion. The fund bought did also take a significant stake in the world’s biggest producer of the metal; Barrick Gold Corp. The stake that Soros company took was worth $264 million at the end of March as the filing showed. George Soros further acquired 1.7 percent of Barrick thus making it the biggest listed holding the US.

Soros has built his fortune through the knowledge market wager. He has many times before warned of risks stemming from China. George Soros previously said that China economy is fueled by debts, and it resembles that of the United States in 2007 and 2008 when the financial crisis.

Soros has predicted that the Asian crisis is unavoidable, and a hard landing is eminent. George Soros has also warned that a such a slump would make the global crisis worse and would drag down stocks.

Gold upped 16 percent in the first three months of the year 2016, and it is the biggest quarterly surge since 1986.
Read more: Billionaire Soros Cuts U.S. Stocks by 37%, Buys Gold Miner

Soros firm manages only his wealth this is after he gave all other investors their money. Soros did sell level 3 Communication Inc. stake worth $173 million as of December 31st. He also sold Dow Chemical Co. worth $161 million. The firm did also rid its stake in Endo International Plc and Delta Air Line Inc.

Soros migrated from Hungary to England in 1947. He attended London School of Economics in 1952. His career begun in a London bank and started working at an entry level. George Soros later migrated to the United States, in 1956. He held analysis and investment management positions in different firms between 1956 to 1973.

Soros later founded his hedge fund company, Soros Fund Management. George Soros is however famously known for risking 10 billion dollars to speculation.

Information Technology Services for a Confined World

Securus Technologies offers reliable and efficient communication options to both inmates currently being incarcerated in North America and their families and friends. The company has assisted over 3,400 different law enforcement and detention locations in security and communication systems and its products are top rated and sought after as reported by PR Newswire.
In order to broaden its already burgeoning business model, Securus Technologies has recently hired John Bell as a new sales executive. Bell has a fascinating past history of transforming organizational culture and performance to increasing levels of effectiveness. The addition of Bell to the team at Securus means that the company can foresee favorable results over a short period of perceived time.

With a reliable and competent staff such as John Bell, Securus provides excellent customer support alongside their products and services. They create an atmosphere that promotes communication across the board and their niche market of offering technological services to incarcerated North Americans has identified them as experts in the field they are involved in.

The company provides a plethora of free applications that can easily be downloaded and implemented on a host of different mobile devices. One such youtube similar application makes video chat possible for visitation purposes, allowing visitors of inmates to bypass the difficulty of the time it takes to transport themselves to the prison location. This application is just one example of the many useful products that Securas Technologies produce.

Securus Technologies is the one stop shop for incarceration communication solutions. They provide encouraging support to customers who are currently locked away from the outside world and make it a simpler task to stay connected to everyone located away from their prisons.

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Would You Try Wen By Chaz

We have all heard the headlines both good and bad about Chaz Dean’s latest and greatest product, WEN. The headlines have been both dynamic to some being up and down but I can honestly say I have heard more good things than I have bad.  I’ve worked hard to get it and I think the fact that I do hair for a living has made me become even more obsessed with my hair like never before but it’s because it’s who I am.

Total Beauty decided to put to shame all the nasty rumors that may be floating around about this sephora best selling brand by having one of heir beauty bloggers take the Wen By Chaz hair care challenge. This challenge gave readers a chance to see firsthand exactly what impact Wen will have on women who have thin or fine hair. As we watched the beauty blogger’s hair transform we were all amazed because after all who doesn’t like great hair. I for one absolutely love having flawless hair and I think I speak for all women when I say I think I may have to give Wen a try.

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The outstanding New York City attorney: Ross Abelow

To be an attorney in New York City requires one to be disciplined and dedicated to their line of duty. Therefore, before hiring an attorney to represent you in court ensure they have a commendable reputation.

Winning several cases is not the only description that makes a great attorney as their community participation abilities, it too plays a part. One New York based attorney Ross Abelow demonstrates both aspects too well. He practices his career focusing on the entertainment and divorce law business with a personal touch of excellence.

Besides matters of the court, Ross Abelow is a philanthropist. Earlier this year, he launched a Go Fund Me campaign which was aimed at providing the necessary resources to shelters that care for homeless animals in New York City by raising $5000. He was chosen to lead the Go Fund Me campaign to raise money that will later be distributed to different animal shelters in New York to assist in paying for medical care, vaccines, blankets, and food for the increasing number of distressed animals particularly during winter.

In his legal duty, Abelow is a partner at the Abelow & Cassandro LLP law firm in New York and his expertise is based mainly in: entertainment law, family law, and commercial litigation. He is respected throughout the city as he has represented the best entertainers in the business through successful court cases and has been the voice of reason to several couples undergoing divorce. His success could be attributed to his flexibility in various law areas and perhaps his light touch; which eases up negotiation processes.

Writing is a passion for this talented lawyer; he actively writes posts on his personal blog and also contributes to a number of other legal blogs. Ross Abelow has active social media accounts on sites such as Facebook and Mashable. He regularly interacts with his audience and often lends a helping hand to people facing devastating legal issues. Most lawyers believe in specializing in only one area but as for Abelow, being an all round attorney has proved to be more productive not only for him but also for his clients who have benefited immensely from his professional services. Facing a legal battle? Worry no more, Abelow got you covered.

FreedomPop is Freeing Customers from High Mobile Bills

In an interview on Mobile World Live, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, President of FreedomPop, talked to interviewer Kavit Majithia about his company’s recent launch into the UK, a second test market after the launch in the US. Majithia was curious about how this launch was received by other operators in European markets. Constantinopoulos explained that the successful launches alleviated worries by some 25 markets in Europe; now that FreedomPop has proved it can make a profit, it is no longer looked at with suspicion.

This conversion proves the company can be profitable giving its customers free data; profits are made by selling equipment. Constantinopoulos’s feeling is that now that he has shown his company’s plan can work in developed markets, the company can move into undeveloped markets. For the complete interview, please see:

FreedomPop is an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator, a wireless communications service provider that has contracted with a mobile network operator (a wireless company) to obtain access to network services at wholesale prices. The MVNO then sets its own prices. In the US, the first commercially successful MVNO was Virgin Mobile, hosted by Sprint Nextel.

FreedomPop was founded in 2011, and began selling 4G only hotspots in October 2012. In April 2013, the company partnered with Sprint. By October 2013, FreedomPop launched its beta free mobile phone plan that included voice, text, and data with your own device (had to be Sprint compatible). FreedomPop offers free phone service and makes its money from selling its own phones, tablets, and other devices. In 2015, FreedomPop started a nationwide WiFi program, which sells customers unlimited voice, text and WiFi for $5/month. In 2016, they launched a roaming SIM for free data abroad in the US and Europe. There are plans to expand into Southeast Asia and Latin America by the end of 2016.

The Emergence of Visual Search Technology

One thing that could be said for the Internet is that the visual nature of the online world is getting to be more prevalent, especially since the Internet has advanced greatly to the point that it can process enough data to allow for high quality images. Since the Internet has become more visual by nature, it is only fitting that search engines would follow suit. There is now visual search technology that is going to help people find what they are looking for. It also gives people a better idea of what an item is and how it works. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

One company that is making the most out of the visual search industry is Slyce. Slyce is a company that deals with retail. It allows people to search for items that they find out in the real world or in magazines or other forms of media. When people use visual search, they can more easily find the products that they are looking for with Slyce. They can download the technology to their phone or tablet so that they can actually find some new products that they like for themselves.

Slyce has partnered up with plenty of retail companies in order to help raise up business. Slyce has proven to be really good for business in that it not only shows people what item it is they are looking at, but also refers them to similar products that vary in price. Often times, people find products that they like better with Slyce. This is where retail stores are given even more business.

The Honors and Services of Madison Street Capital

Yesterday the international boutique investment bank, Madison Street Capital, announced that its COO, Anthony Marsala, recently won the M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony was carefully selected from a long list of very deserving nominees by a panel of some of the most respected business leaders in the world. The M&A Advisors Annual Emerging Leaders Award event began in 2010 and has steadily grown and become more prestigious ever since.

Even before co-founding Madison Street Capital, Marsala had a very fruitful career in the investment banking. He has been a mover and shaker in the industry for 15 years. He has also garnered a couple of other recent honors: 1) He was an honoree of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 Under Forty 2015 recognition program, and 2) He was carefully chosen to take part in the Crain’s Leadership Academy Program of 2016. Of all the many great accomplishments of his career, Marsala remains most proud of co-founding and leading Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital has a philosophy of commitment to building strong businesses and developing charitable projects throughout the United States. And the company has been enormously successful in both endeavors, become one of the most respected and beloved the world over. It has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced financial professionals in its employ, professionals who are known for having an excellent answer for every single financial problem that may arise.

If it has anything to do with investment banking, Madison is the best in its service. And high-profile investment clients from all over the world value their services, gladly shelling out top-dollar for their extremely capable aide and advice. Madison is capable and very willing to help all individuals and companies in investment matters. If you are in need of such assistance, contact them today.

Slyce And Show Carnival Decide To Partner For The Benefit Of Shoppers Everywhere

Slyce and Shoe Carnival have come up with a brand new partnership that is going to give people the chance to shop for things that are going to help them look great. Everyone who wants to make sure that they find just the right items is going to use Slyce, and they are going to make it even easier for people to complete their shopping for less money. The shopping should not take all that long, and it is much easier for people to complete their shopping in a couple seconds.

Slyce completes searches in seconds, and it gives people as many chances as they can to shop for something cheap. They will be able to use the app to find the things that are most exciting to them, and they also need to make sure that they have started a search for the new things that they need. There can be a lot of different searches all done at the same time, and the app will save all those searches for the future.

Slyce and Shoe Carnival are trying to give people a chance to make sure that they get the best kinds of shoes possible at the lowest prices. That is much easier when people are able to use the app to find anything they need. Slyce is a visual search engine that anyone can use, and it makes it much easier for people to find things they love. There are a lot of people who know what they want, but they only have pictures. The pictures are going to lead to shopping results, and they will have their own links. There is nothing like the results that people get from Slyce, and they will love the fact that they can shop right from the app.

The partnership with Shoe Carnival goes the next step according to MarketWired, and it brings results from Shoe Carnival to the top of every list that people get when they search. Shoe Carnival gets priority, and they are going to give people better results when they want to save money. The savings that people get from shopping with Shoe Carnival make them more likely to come back to use Slyce, and that makes it easier for people to shop for more items with less money.

The Effect of Cleansing Conditioner on My Hair

At some point in our lives, we might have seen all the types of QVC informercials mean for the hairline by the WEN by Chaz Dean. You might have knowledge of all the beautiful looking women shaking their hairs around swearing the cleansing air conditioner is just but a magic inside a bottle. Since I have always been a great haircare fanatic, I had to go out and research if the rumors were indeed true. So, I placed the Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner in order to test to see if it was going to change my thin hair into luscious.

In case you have never heard of the WEN hair cleansing conditioners, the products are just but an all in one conditioner, shampoo and styling treatment. The sephora sold brand is always sure that the products will always work well for any type of hair depending on which formulation you decide to try.

Though there have been some cases of not so great information concerning its negative side effects associated with using the stuff, I decided to take the risk since I have always loved the beauty products. There is always a risk associated when trying out the new products.

About Wen By Chaz

The love for photography is what started Chaz Dean passion for hair. Chaz attended many commercial photography courses which encouraged him to register in the school of cosmetology immediately after he relocated to Los Angeles.

This is where Chaz developed the interest of coming up with new products. Chaz Dean climbed up the ranks much faster becoming a manager, buying the salon and constructing the clientele which consisted of an impressive list of celebrities. However, Chaz decided to relocate to Hollywood when it was renamed to Chaz Dean Studio and provided his high scale clients a way out from the media and the surrounding which was secluded and more intimate.