Dallas-Based Company Helps Out Those In Need In Texas

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that corporate America gives away a total of around $19 billion dollars per year to charitable causes. That is a lot of money that is going towards doing a lot of good. However, some companies are doing a better job than others. One that stands out as of late is a company called Stream Energy. They have actually created a whole new division to their business that enables them to provide their charitable services to those in need a lot faster and more effectively than before.

Stream Energy calls their charitable arm “Stream Cares“. It is a name that conveys what they are really all about. They are a local company that wants to help locals in their area get back on their feet after something as completely horrible as Hurricane Harvey.

The company watched so many people suffer for so long with this particular storm and felt that they must do something. There were literally people on the Stream Energy team who had family members and other loved ones who were hit directly by this storm. They needed to make sure that those individuals were going to be safe and okay. The only way they could do that was to start focusing their charity efforts on the areas that were hit the hardest. Stream Energy started to pump money directly into Houston communities to give them a boost.

Diapers, clothing, and even school supplies have been donated by Stream Energy to people who can no longer afford to take those kinds of things for granted. It is a terrifying thing to realize how many people fall into that category. They were just going about their lives normally one minute and then had it all taken away from them the next. Now, they are having to rely on the charity of companies like Stream Energy to help get them out of this hole. The company is happy to do it, but they also hope that their efforts are not needed for too long. They want people to be able to get back to their normal lives.